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The How-To category of DUSK is the category if you want to learn more about sex. The Sex How-To category of DUSK has a wide range of sex education and is made for every person who loves porn for women. For example, are you wondering what it's like to have sex with a woman for the first time? Or do you want to try anal sex? DUSK has it all!

The Best Sex How-to video’s

What's it like to make love as a woman to another woman? Jessica Drake's How-To Guide To Wicked Sex: Woman To Woman - Chastity Lynn & Sovereign Syre takes you into the ultimate porn education movie. Learn everything from two women who enjoy each other, using different techniques, and love each other.

As a couple, it's possible that you both are uncertain about the fact how you can seduce each other with words in a correct and erotic way. In the female porn movie Nina Hartley’s Guide To Hot Talk Part 1, you'll get tips and tricks how to seduce a woman with words and encourage her to eventually have sex.

The top two erotic films are part of a wide range of how-to porn movies. Are you ready for more after watching different how to fuck movies? Then watch for example our next level videos of rough sex and BDSM and enjoy.