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A discount code / coupon applies on all payments renewal payments as well. With automatic renewal of the chosen subscription, the discount will also be applied. The regular subscription prices are mentioned on this page.

Dusk Online offers three types of subscriptions: 

Monthly subscription: $29.99 per month

This subscription rebills $29.99 per month until cancelled.

6 months subscription: $10 per month

This subscription rebills $60 every 6 months until cancelled.

1 year subscription: $8.25

This subscription rebills $100 every 12 months until cancelled.

All of our subscriptions can be cancelled any time in your personal account settings. Your subscription will stay active for the remaining paid period, until the renewal date. Sign up here. Already logged in? Choose your subscription here.

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Subscription Durations: 

All the recharges per month (pm or /month) corresponds to a 30 days recharge. A five years duration is equal to 1800 days, a 24 months duration is equal to 720 days, a 12 months duration is equal to 360 days, a six months duration is equal to 180 days and a three months duration is equal to 90 days.

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