Dusk! Porna Awards 2014

Dusk! Porna AwardsIt’s time once again for the exclusive Dusk! Porna Awards. And you can be there!

The 2014 Dusk! Porna Awards take place on Friday 28 November. Are you a member of the Dusk! panel? If so, you are invited, together with your partner and friends, to attend this exclusive event!

With musical performances by EinsteinBarbie and ADAM, sensual acts by the Divine Dakini's, sexy men, a true porna premiere, a DJ and more... Read more!

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Programs 24/7

  • 00:31  Office Seductions III: 4
  • 00:59  Lena 4
  • 01:24  Hot Caress
  • 01:40  Top Milf
  • 02:02  Stud Hunters: A Hard Man Is Good To Find
  • 03:20  Nina Scene 1
  • 03:34  Hitting The G-spot 1
  • 03:49  Eyes Of Desire 2
  • 04:05  Cabaret Desire 3
  • 04:22  By The Lake


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