Women, porn and science

Women, porn and science

Dusk! loves science. So what does research so far tell us about women, porn and sexuality?

Dusk! porn for women, exciting for her

Dusk, Porn For Women

Dusk! brings porna films to your TV. Porna is porno that women really like. It’s tantalising, hot, thrilling, sexy and exciting!

Which films are classed as porna? That’s up to you! At Duskpanel.nl, over 1800 women decide which films are the hottest. Read more on the Dusk! panel!

Curious about our films? Watch a preview in the Films and series overview!

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  • 01:28  Mind Games 1
  • 01:50  Tits scene 2
  • 02:17  Cheaters Retreat Scene 2
  • 02:43  The Teacher II: 3
  • 03:01  The Prize 3
  • 03:09  Peddling Passion
  • 03:27  Anne And Ryan
  • 01:28  Mind Games 1
  • 03:54  Maskerade Scene 1
  • 01:50  Tits scene 2


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