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How can I create an account?

Creating an account at DUSK is really easy. Please go to the top right corner of our site and hit Sign Up. Choose your subscription and go to the next step. We need some basic information, so please fill in the form and hit ‘create account’. After this, you can choose from different subscription offers and payment methods.
Sign up here. Already logged in? Choose your subscription here.

Why can I not log in?

Please be aware the log-in details are Case Sensitive! If you have forgotten your details, please go here to request a reset link.

How can I remove my account?

If you would like us to remove your account details, please fill out the contact form. We’ll remove your account from our systems

How can I change my username or password?

Please go to My Profile to view and change your details.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please go to My Subscriptions. If you have a current subscription you will find the details here, including the next renewal date. Hit ‘Cancel’ if you wish to end your subscription. Your subscription will stay active for the remaining period, until the renewal date. To avoid a recurring charge please cancel at least 72 hours prior to the end date of your subscription.


Is my subscription at DUSK anonymous?

Yes, your subscription is anonymous. Your personal data will not be displayed anywhere on our platform, other then your own account (which only you have access to via login).

Please go to our Privacy Policy for more details.


The streaming quality of the videos is poor, what can I do?

To get you streaming quickly, Dusk may initially play your video in a lower resolution, and load higher resolutions as the title continues to stream. If video resolution does not improve as you continue to stream, l it is probably due to a network issue.

I have another technical problem with your website, what can I do?

Please try updating your browser or use the following browsers: Internet Explorer 11 / Google Chrome / Safari

On what devices can I watch the video’s and Online TV (can I stream on all my devices)?

You can stream our Porna on all your devices, anything with an internet connection, anywhere and anytime.

What are cookies and why should I enable cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of info stored to make your experience at Dusk more pleasant. Please go to our Privacy Policy to find out all the details.


What subscription plans can I choose from?

How does the billing for my Dusk subscription work?

Dusk Online offers three types of subscriptions:

Monthly subscription: $29.99 per month
This subscription rebills $29.99 per month until cancelled.

6 months subscription: $10 per month
This subscription rebills $60 every 6 months until cancelled.

1 year subscription: $8.25
This subscription rebills $99 every 12 months until cancelled.

All of our subscriptions can be cancelled any time. Your subscription will stay active for the remaining paid period, until the renewal date.
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How does the billing for my Dusk subscription work?

Billing is done by the method you selected upon subscription. Remember the transaction ID for future reference. We will automatically renew your subscription unless you cancel. At My subscriptions you will find your up-to-date details, such as your type of subscription and payment option. You will receive a confirmation email but we will never send you letters through the mail.

Why can’t my transaction be processed?

This is probably an issue with your bank declining authorization for payment. Please keep in mind that the approval or error is issued by your bank, we don’t have any control over it. You can consider an alternative payment method to subscribe successfully.

I have a problem with the payment module, what can I do?

If you get stuck on the pages with the DialXS logo in the top left corner, please contact DialXs on phone number 020-3219000.

I got a discount code, how does that work?

You can use your discount code when subscribing to DUSK. If you already have an account, please go to My Subscription to start a new subscription. When choosing your subscription plan (monthly / 6 months/ yearl) firsts fill in your code, to see which plan it applies to. The discount will be automatically added to your payment details. The discount will also be applied on your renewal payments.

Does a discount also counts for following subscriptions?

Yes, all discount offers are lifetime. Meaning: this discount will also be applied to all renewal payments until your subscription is cancelled.


What are the terms and conditions for the use of this website?

Please go to our Terms and Conditions for all the details.

Is my privacy save with Dusk?

Your privacy is important to us. Please go to our Privacy Policy for all the details.

How can I contact Dusk?

Please go to our Contact page to get in touch. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Can I download the videos?

No, you can’t download them. You can save them to your account and watch them later on My Videos


What is porna?

We call porn selected by women ‘porna’. Porna distinguishes itself primarily by the high quality of the films, the pleasure of the people in the films, and the attention given to female enjoyment. Please go to our Porn for women page for all the details.

Who is DUSK exactly?

DUSK is an international, Netherlands-based erotic television channel for women. Women decide which films are shown on DUSK through participation in the DUSK panel.