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SexTech: Audiophiles

Beth (Belle O'Hara)'s girlfriend Helen has gifted her a playlist of their favorite songs to enjoy while Helen's away on her frequent work trips. Ever the technophile, Beth decides the playlist is a perfect opportunity to create an algorithm syncing music to sexual desire. With Helen's consent, Beth asks her colleague Kieran (Marcus Quillan) to help her test the algorithm - which, if her coding is successful, should elicit desire. The experiment most definitely works; the pair quickly move from solo enjoyment on the couch, to kissing and removing each other's clothes, to mutual masturbation. Removing their headphones, and still inspired by the music, in what has proven to be a very happy and successful experiment.

Directors: Ed
Actors: Belle O'Hara Marcus Quillan
Tags: Music Masturbation Porna Cunnilingus Blowjob Safe sex
Duration: 22 min

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