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Secret Sex Society: Cintia Shapiro & Bel Gris

It’s Carrie’s first time at the Secret Sex Society, and she’s eager to explore both the buildingand its occupants. Spying through a grate in the wall, she sees a naked couple kissing - andas if they’d been waiting for her, they point to a stack of post-it notes behind her. Carrierealises they want her instructions, for her to tell them exactly what to do to each other: it’sher own private show. She watches hungrily from the other side of the wall as the couple actout each of her fantasies in turn, from slow, sensual oral to playing with sex toys. Carrieinstructs them to fuck and they obey, thrusting towards an intense climax - all the while, theireyes are locked with the mystery onlooker.

Directors: Ed
Actors: Cintia Shapiro Bel Gris
Tags: Couple Sensual Blowjob Cunnilingus Safe sex Kinky Porna
Duration: 23 min

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