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Everyday Turn-Ons: Restricted Behaviour

Sometimes we don't choose our fetishes; they find us in the night. Gavin wakes up to find Mary has stolen the covers and is cocooned inside the sheets. Gavin is surprised to hear Mary admit that the sensation of being tightly restrained is a huge turn-on. Together they explore restriction using household items, but have soon moved on to bondage tape and Japanese ropes. Crafting a harness using a series of complex knots, Gavin holds tight to the rope laced across Mary's back, gripping it like reins as he fucks her from behind. Anchoring himself steady, he thrusts back and forth and watches as waves of pleasure roll through her body. Her hands may be tied, but Mary couldn't be happier...

Directors: Ed
Actors: Liz Rainbow Marcus Quillan
Tags: Bondage Kinky straight Blowjob Cunnilingus Safe sex Lingerie Porna
Duration: 20 min

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