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Sweet & Sensual


In the Sweet & Sensual category of DUSK you will find romantic and sensual porn for women videos. Love is key and you will experience a continuous state of excitement in these realistic videos. Sultry, sexy, romantic, sensual ... we love it! Watch and discover it yourself. 


What can you expect from sensual porn for women?

Sensual porn for women is a genre of pornography that is designed to appeal to the senses and emotions of female viewers. This type of pornography often focuses on intimacy, pleasure, and the sensual experience of sex, rather than just portraying it as a physical act. Sensual porn for women may include a variety of content, such as solo or partnered masturbation, foreplay, and sensual touching and massaging. It may also feature romantic or erotic storylines, as well as a greater emphasis on the emotional and psychological aspects of sexual intimacy. 


Find the best sensual sex video’s below

The female friendly erotic porn film Romeo & Juliet: India Summer & Tom Byron from DreamZone Entertainment is about love, lies and loyalty. They start softly kissing on the couch and then go further and further. A sexy and horny version of the traditional love story, directed by Lee Roy Myers.


One of the top rated Sweet & Sensual female porn videos is Joybear: Positions: Third. In this video, ballet dancer Florence is in search of inspiration in a beautiful place, but soon finds out that she is not the only dancer who comes to practice the different body positions. A handsome and limber couple, very hot porn to watch!


Another sensual sex video that’s on the top list is Ouija, directed by Verso Cinema. In this video a couple is going to play with an Ouija, where they mainly want a lot of wild sex. What do the spirits think of this? Super horny and naughty female porn! 


These three beautiful videos give a good impression of our Sweet & Sensual category. Do you like it more wild? Then take a look at our collections in the BDSM, Kinky and Rough sex categories.