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Dusk relies on scientific research on women, sexuality and erotica. The panel is one of our research projects. Dusk is the only one doing large-scale, ongoing research into what women find arousing. And we’re pretty proud of that.

Female sexuality

For many years we thought women were not that interested in sex, or at least less than men. The idea that women are chaste and sexless emerged in the 17th century. Strangely enough, before then we thought that men were the chaste ones and women the seductresses (Dabhoiwala, 2012)! In the 20th century, the idea that women and men think very differently about sex became even stronger (Juffer, 1998). Although there is not a single study to support this, still, many people believe it.

Female arousal and porn

Ellen Laan (1988) studied men and women watching erotica: one scene showing traditional porn and one scene from pioneer Candida Royalle, the first woman to make films for a specific female audience. Here the woman was taking the lead and clearly enjoyed what she was doing. And what do you think? The women didn’t feel aroused by traditional porn, but they did by watching the Royalle film.

With the Dusk panel, we discover what does arouse women.

Most films are made for a male audience. The literature refers to ‘the male gaze’ (Taormino et al.,2013). A male perspective, a focus on the female body and the man is hardly shown at all. The woman is portrayed as an eager partner doing everything to please the man while she gains only very little pleasure herself. And women do not find that arousing. Not surprising, really.

Why join the Dusk panel?

Because it’s fun, of course. And to have a say in what films are porn or porna.

As a panel member, you’ll watch free previews of the latest sexy, sensual and sophisticated films. After the gazing, there is a simple multiple-choice question that needs answering: how much did it turn you on? It's completely anonymous. The films that have been rated the best among all panel members, we label as being porna and are then being broadcasted.

Want to broaden your horizon? Want to learn more, know more? These films won't always be your cup of tea but that's the point, let us know which ones are your favorites and why.

You can watch film fragments whenever you feel like it and give us your honest opinion. The films you’ll be viewing are films from several production houses and are all completely different. A range of categories, niches and types. Are they hot and sexy enough? Tell us whether you think it’s complete crap or turns you on.

So, just become a member?

Yes, just like that.

All women are welcome to register as panel member (sorry guys, you don't get a say in porna). Whether you’re just curious or you already know exactly what you love. You only have to give us your opinion on a selection of films. You have to be a woman. This may sound extremely strict, but we only do this because we don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry to interfere when it comes to porna.

How about my privacy?

Apart from our channel manager, no-one has access to your personal details. Your answers are in safe hands with us. We’ll only use your anonymous answers for statistical research, in connection to details like postcode, age or lifestyle. But these details can never be associated with you personally.

Porna, its your pleasure

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