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Do you know that feeling of walking outside with your loved one and suddenly feeling like having hot sex with each other? Our beloved DUSK women and men thought the same! In this category you will find different sex scenes that have been shot at special locations. That is what makes this category so special! Do you prefer to watch a sex video filmed in the forest or by the banks of a river? Then take a look at the Outdoors category of DUSK.

Outdoor sex is a thrilling experience

One of the most epic outdoor scenes is the one of Michelle Flynn: "Momentum 4: Sun on our Skin". Momentum is set in a desert, a great location with two female actors. They go on an erotic journey together and go on an trip, close to an abandoned city. Watch this delightful story by Michelle Flynn.

There is nothing more exciting than having sex on a deserted beach. Julia Roca and Bel Gris show in this wonderful porn for women movie that sex on the beach can be so wonderful. This erotic video is from the XConfessions series by Erika Lust and is a wonderful example of erotica. Watch "That Guy At The Nudist Beach" now.

While having sex with each other, you can feel the warm sun and smell the freshness of nature. This results in an extraordinary, exciting sex session! Holly & Jesse are two lesbians having sex in a remote forest. Wonderful porn for women to watch. Check it out now in "A Touch of Nature: Holly & Jesse Jazz.

Outdoors female porn is erotica on a different level. It makes it extra exciting and fun if you have sex outside while you can suddenly be discovered. Do you also like to watch more intimate scenes? For example, see our Shower or Massage categories.