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Writing your own erotica

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Writing your own erotica

This is how you reach that creative climax!

By Emmeline Peaches

There’s a certain amount of apprehension that comes with a blank page (or computer screen, to consider most modern forms of writing). One might have the wildest encounters envisioned in intricate detail residing in their mind, but the moment that it comes to commit that to a visual form, understood and sharable to others, the mind is as blank as the page itself.

This can hold many people back from pursuing an interest in writing, journaling, or even a (not so) simple to-do list. Add in erotic ambitions and things can become even more seemingly unachievable.

But, we’ll let you in on a secret – anyone can write their own erotica. Literally anyone. Granted, the first attempt may not be on par with the masturbatory masterpieces that one turns to ritualistically as a personal favourite, but who was ever a master at any skill on the first attempt.


What’s more there are so many benefits to writing your own erotica:

You get to create a story that meets your own needs: Every single detail is yours to imagine and convey.

You can avoid any problematic content: Really like a certain sex act but find that the erotica for it often contains problematic content, dialogue or attitudes? You get to avoid that in your own work. Equally…

You can champion your own causes: If you want to see more feminist, queer, intersectional, or gender inclusive representations out there, for example, you can. Perhaps you’re a cancer or mental health survivor and you really want to make sure that you’re represented in erotica and can relate. That’s a possibility.

You can treat your lover/s to exactly what they want: Have someone in your life who you know goes ga-ga for certain erotic content? Writing erotica will allow you to become the author of their desires in an additional way. It can also act as a really nice anniversary or Valentine’s present. Just don’t ask them to tell you what they think, especially not straight after reading. Nobody likes being put on the spot.

There’s also potential to take your work and, in time, present it to a wider audience, should you wish.

Of course, there’s no commitment to become a professional author, but the internet is full of hobbyists sharing their content, and the reception is often good. Doing so can also allow for much-desired feedback from neutral sources, and may even contribute to the pleasure and happiness of others.

This is especially potent if you are someone who gains erotic satisfaction from knowing that you can arouse or create pleasure in others, even if you don’t personally know them. There is a certain appeal to such a position and sometimes you may not even know if it’s for you until you try it.

Again, sharing your pieces, if you’ve aimed to avoid toxic content, or championed and under-represented group, may also be life-changing for some individuals, who struggle to find representations of them in erotic content. Through writing erotica you could very well create the character or scenario that someone out there sorely needed but never thought they would live to see in the world of adult writing.

Plus it’s just a great way to explore your own kinky proclivities too.


How To Get Started

But, yes, we understand - knowing all of the benefits of writing erotica doesn’t make it any easier to start, so how does one beat the block of the blank page?

To be as blunt as an untapered dildo, with full force.

There is no real tip-toeing in to writing. Action often comes before motivation and sometimes you really do have to muster up that mentality so frequently championed but fitness enthusiasts and ‘Just do it!’

‘Doing it’ being different to ‘sharing/publishing it’, mind you. In order to get the creative juices flowing sometimes you’ll want to do some writing exercises first. These aren’t intended to be the finished piece, nor do they ever need to be revisited again. They’re simply props to help you get from sitting down and having nothing on the page to getting to the point of flowing freely over the keyboard.

These are as follows:

Write about what comes to mind: Just sit down and start writing anything and everything that is in your head.

Example: Oh, I’m sat here at my desk writing for Dusk, the matatea tea-holder in my mug is pretty cute, I like the smile on his face. I wonder if my neighbours can see the multi-coloured dildos on my desk. Ah, who cares, it’s no more outrageous than the night-time construction work they’ve decided to take up. I mean, seriously, who thinks it’s appropriate to do heavy drilling at 11 at night?

And so fourth.

Doing this just gets you past that initial mental wall of ‘I can’t write’ to a place where you’re already writing, so you might as well turn that writing towards your more erotic thoughts. Try it for five minutes and then just naturally transition to what you intend to write. Don’t even open up a new file or start a new page to do so. Just keep on flowing. You can edit out the brain-garble at a later point.

Describe an erotic encounter that you’ve had: Instead of trying to start from scratch with your own characters (for whom you have to imagine names, appearances, preferences, sexual kinks, etc.), just sit down and start writing about an encounter you’ve had.

This can either be a recent one, or one that you really loved/hated, something that’s fresh in your mind.

Sometimes writing about the funniest and most fail-worthy encounters can be the best – because you’re more likely to write freely if you’re feeling a sense of enjoyment. Doing this will give you a good idea of how to start composing and describing sexual scenes before branching out in to your own imagined content. Or you could stick with writing from experience, many people like this approach and find it works best for them in the long run.

Start with a pre-generated scenario: Did you ever play that game as a kid where someone would start a story with a single line and then you’d all pass it round continuing to do it and folding the page as you did? Writing like so – with a pre-generated first line, or scenario, can be a powerful writing prompt.

This is because the first sentence is essentially freed up for you and you no longer have to worry about the page being blank. The situation is there, you just need to figure out where to go from that point.

As this is our last suggestion, here are a few writing prompts for you to go away with today:


Legs spread wide, Jonathan knew that he was in for an exciting time, but he could never have anticipated the true extent of it.

Louise let out a deep sigh. Her shift at the office was almost over. Just her boss’s desk to tidy. But, wait, as Louise glanced over she noticed he’d left his computer on…and unlocked to. Blushing as curiosity swept across her she thought she shouldn’t dare look…or should she?

Could a better night ever exist? Given the bubbles in the champagne bottle and the hot chocolate sauce on the side, it was hard to think so.


To All Good Things An End

That’s all we have time for today, but we hope that any aspiring erotic authors out there feel a bit more confident in pursuing their ambitions now.

And, remember: It’s just a blank page. Well, not anymore, if you don’t want it to be.

Happy writing!


Emmeline Peaches 

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