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Wild sex studies

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Wild sex studies

Why you should keep your socks on for better orgasms, and more fun sex research.

By Rebecca Dane

Sex is a whole lot of fun to write about – even more fun to read about – and even more fun to watch. There are however, a group of scientists that take their fascination with sex to the next level. Did you know there is a whole scientific journal called the Journal of Sexual Medicine?  There are enough people out there studying sex and sexual behaviours that it is a whole field in itself.

Here are some of the most interesting studies that have been revealed over the past few years. Please note, one-off scientific studies are not typically strong enough to become “fact” – there is a whole process that validates scientific studies. So while they are fun, and seemingly well-researched – don’t base your life around them without doing more research on the subject yourself.


1. Keep Your Socks On

I never thought socks were all that appealing during sex, but there seems to be a pretty great reason to keep them on. At the Center for Uroneurology at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, researchers found that women were able to achieve an orgasm 80 per cent of the time if they kept their socks, compared to 50 per cent of the time if they weren’t wearing socks. The science behind it is that having warm feet signals that it is a comfortable environment, and it helps calm the brain. Specifically, it calms the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex that are responsible for signals of anxiety and fear. Who knew that cold feet could be such an orgasm blocker!


2. More Testosterone Means More Masturbation for Women

While the subject of this paragraph might not surprise you – it did surprise a few researchers. Scientists from the University of Michigan considered women with high testosterone levels. The women were asked how often they had sex and how often they masturbated. They then had their saliva analysed to see how high their testosterone levels were. The women with higher testosterone levels had the highest desire to masturbate but less desire for partnered sex. Researchers think the explanation has to do with stress. The more stressed you are, the more testosterone you have, and the more people might want to just relieve themselves of anxiety – and what better way to relieve yourself of anxiety than to masturbate?


3. It’s Really Exercise

Want to skip the gym? Having sex can help you do that. In 2013, a group of researchers studied wearable fitness monitors to track calories burned during sex. The conclusion was that men burn an average of 4.2 calories per minute while women burn 3.1 calories per minute of sex. Apparently, this is more calories than walking, but fewer calories than jogging. However, the authors of the study did note that if you have sex at a “moderate intensity” then you could count it as part of your workout. So basically, skipping the gym for an intense sex session can actually be a thing.


4. How Lips Relate to Vaginal Orgasms

Apparently the shape of your lips might be linked to your ability to have a vaginal orgasm! If you have a “prominent and sharply raised lip tubercle” you have a greater change of achieving one. The lip tubercle is the small spot in the middle of the upper lip. Apparently it has to do with your development as a fetus – the process that helps develop the tubercle also helps shape the neural circuits that affect vaginal orgasms. This study was based on 258 women so just remember the disclaimer at the top of the article about how one study does not equal fact. Even if the lip shape does have a relation to vaginal orgasms – thankfully there are so many other types of orgasms out there, regardless of lip shape!


Do any of these studies resonate with you? Or do you think they’re totally wrong? We want to hear from you! Let us know through Facebook or twitter!

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