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Who is the next leader of the sexual revolution?

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Who is the next leader of the sexual revolution?

We made a list of the most important women of the sexual revolution! But who do you think is the biggest influencer and source of inspiration of today?

This Thursday, march 8th, we are celebrating International Women’s Day!  We are taking the time to focus on the greatness of ‘the woman’. At DUSK we are especially focusing on the sexual revolution of women. A century ago we couldn’t go anywhere without a man and sex was something obligated in our job description. And now we can let our vibrator order us a pizza after it makes us come, and well, we hardly need a man anymore. Hardly, because a lot of man joined our revolution and we would like to keep them (just in case).

We started the celebration last Thursday with our article on powerful sexual women through the ages. But we would like to know which woman is the new leader of the sexual revolution of today! We selected 5 incredible women, who is your favorite?


Is Angelina Jolie the next sexual power woman?


Angelina Jolie - Tomb Raider 

Angelina Jolie is an actress that plays her parts; sexy crazy, sexy smart, sexy action hero. It is just impossible to leave out the ‘sexy’. But outside the cinema she also plays her part; she is a mother of 6, a writer, filmmaker and above all a very generous benefactor and activist.

Angelina shows us that we can be everything, do anything, and that we can be sexy in the process.

One of her daughters behaves and dresses like a boy, much to the acclaim of Jolie, who shows her public support to people struggling with their gender identity. Very now.


Why Madonna could be the new leader of the revolution


Madonna- Erotica

She started her career as the virgin Mary, but the queen of pop was crossing the boundaries of female sexuality in no time. In her iconic pointy bra on stage or French kissing a saint while attending mass in a negligee, she is always searching for new limits, and how to break them.

Het goal is to shock, innovate, teach and above all: to liberate the female sexuality.

With her infamous expressions like her book ‘Sex’ or her album ‘Erotica’ ( .. ‘deeper and deeper’…) she is the representation of breaking sexual taboos. There was also a time she wore a floral dress and wrote a children’s book, but not long after she was riding young beautiful men while wearing a leotard.

Her acting career was not a big success, but it is kind of nice knowing that there is something human in this fabulous multitalented sex -goddess after all.


Or should Beyoncé be on the number one spot?


Beyoncé - 'Single Ladies'

She is an example for women and girls everywhere in the world. Beyoncé represents strength, independency and pride. With her songs ‘Independent Woman’, ‘Single Ladies’ and ‘Girls Run the World’( Girls!) she assures us that we don’t need a man to be happy. She is a fantastic performer, a businesswoman, a mom and a happy wife. And we don’t hear her about it at all, lady modesty.

And she is hot. What a gorgeous woman she is!


Why Salma Hayek is the new sexual power woman!


Salma Hayek - 'Bandidas'

The gorgeous Hispanic is a sex-bomb with brains. In her acting work she never tries to hide her luscious body, but it’s her temperament that dominates. She still would be extremely hot wearing just a plastic bag, even with a moustache ( ‘Frieda’) she cannot hide her natural beauty.

Salma Hayek is one of the actresses that were brave enough to come forward with allegations concerning the powerful producer Harvey Weinstein.

Hayek is fighting for women’s rights over the whole world. In the States and in Mexico she is very involved supporting victims of domestic abuse.

The sexy Latina states that women are in control of their own bodies and sexuality  and that only SHE can decide where the boundaries are ( and that other need to respect that). We totally agree of course!


Or is it maybe Elizabeth Hurley that stands out?


Elizabeth Hurley in Versace (1994)

The British beauty became famous when she dated actor Hugh Grant. Not because she dated the hot Brit, no, because of what she wore on the red carpet on the premier of ‘Four Weddings..’(1994), a tiny piece of fabric that was held together by safety pins!

25 years later, it still is a dress people talk about. Superstar Jennifer Lawrence wore an ode to the iconic Versace dress just last week.

When lover Grant was caught being orally pleasured by a sex worker, it became an international scandal, but Hurley stood by her man with a big smile ( and for 15 more years).

Liz was involved in her own scandal when the father of her child accused her of sleeping around, wanting a DNA test to prove the boy was his ( he was the father btw). A few weeks she was the talk of the online gossips because Liz tweeted a clearly photoshopped pic. Not to make her appear younger or thinner, but to delete an alcoholic beverage out of the hand of her underage son.

Hurley fights for the Breastcancer Awareness Foundation. And she is an important patron of the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Sexuality has many faces, even a sexy lady can be a partygirl, embrace all sexual preferences and sleep around, just to save the world in her most beautiful dress.


These are the most important women of the sexual revolution! But who do you think is the biggest influencer and source of inspiration of today?

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