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Watersports: Exploring Urolagnia

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Watersports: Exploring Urolagnia

The moment has come. You can feel the pressure building inside of you, the swelling sensation. You look down and see your partner. Their eyes glint with anticipation. They want you.

Taking one more moment to bite your lip, you grin deliciously at them before bowing down in a squat. You stroke their face lovingly before shoving a ball gag in their mouth and maintain eye contact as your release your warm fluids on to their eager body.

What Is Urolagnia?

Urolagnia, also known as piss play, urophilia, golden showers, or watersports, is a sexual fetish in which either one person or more in a relationship derives pleasure from urine.

Although urolagnia is often associated with public scandal many people have at least dabbled in a bit of urine play themselves. In the UK as part of a Channel 4 documentary titled the ‘Great British Sex Survey’ watersports came in at number 9 on the list of most common fetishes. That’s about 1 million Brits willing to try a little bit of liquid gold.

Compared to some kinks, watersports are still a very acquired taste (typically falling under 10% when it comes to sexual interests in most studies on the topic) but the fetish hasn’t escaped some celebrity endorsement either.

Ricky Martin has told journalists that he loves watersports—especially giving them—and John Mayer is rumored to be a fan too. So instead of thinking of Trump when you hear ‘watersports’ again why not think of a sexy singer or songwriter instead?

Is Urolagnia Safe?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Usually. Urine itself is considered to be a sterile fluid but it can contain minerals and a high sodium content that may cause issues if found in too high a volume. However, there is an easy way to prevent this: Drink plenty of water before engaging in watersports! If you drink a lot of water at least an hour before use it will reduce the sodium content and will make the urine more palatable if consumption is involved.

One other important note: Get tested! If you’re involved with someone (or multiple individuals, for that matter) and want to experiment with watersports then you’ll want to make sure that everyone involved is free from any STIs that could be transferred via fluids. Hepatitis B is one example, as is gonorrhoea, and chlamydia. If you have any of these diseases then it would be useful to talk to your partner/s before engaging in watersport before moving forward. This is the foundation of a healthy sexual exchange.

So How Do I Go About Urolagnia?

So you’re interested in watersports? But how do you go about it? Well there’s actually quite a few different ways to explore urolagnia.

The conventional ‘golden shower’ is probably the most classic—being urinated on or urinating on someone else. A lot of people who engage in being a human toilet speak of the physical sensation—the warmth of the urine, the sense of release—but there is often a power dynamic too. BDSM and urolagnia can often go hand-in-hand and create some very fun scenarios.  Golden showers can get pretty messy, though, meaning it’s best done in the bath or shower, but users may also invest in some PVC sheets if they’re feeling daring.

Exhibitionism can also interplay with urolagnia. The act of being observed while urinating (or while wetting one’s clothing) can cause an immense rush for some.

This can also be linked to omorashi—a Japanese variant of urolagnia which involves either holding on to one’s urination until the need to pee is overwhelming or watching someone in that situation. People who practice omorashi may find that reaching climax while in this state is an incredibly heightened sensation for them too, but caution is advised. Our bodies aren’t meant to hold on to urine for too long.

And, of course, in all of these practices there is a running theme of clothes wetting, which can also be tied to exhibitionism and omorashi. And need we mention the idea of ingesting urine, which can be part of a golden shower or its own individual practice.

All of these are valid forms of urolagnia and, as you can see, the fetish can also tie in to many others. For example, someone who likes being an adult baby may also enjoy wetting their diaper, or a dominatrix may make a slave drink their own urine as part of a sado-masochistic practice.

The important thing, as with all fetishes, is that whatever form of urolagnia you explore is undertaken in a safe, sane, and consensual manner.

Exploring Urolagnia With Someone

As you can probably tell by now, there’s nothing wrong with urolagnia, and the practice can actually open up a lot of sexual potential. But how do you find someone who is willing to experiment with you?

If you’re not committed then the best way might be much akin to our usual modern hook-up tactics—online dating. Find forums, chat groups, or other reputable sites for like-minded individuals and see if anyone catches your fancyDon’t be over-eager. Protect yourself and be cautious just as you would with any other form of online dating. I know you’re probably keen to explore your fetish but it’s important to go about things in a rational manner.

If you already have a partner then it’s all about (you guessed it) communication. Find an easy way to bring up watersports and go from there. We don’t recommend a political scandal or anything that frames watersports in an inherently ‘dirty’ or obscene manner. Instead why not try seeing how they react to some urolagnia-based porn or bring up the preferences of Ricky Martin. Perhaps allow them to lead by asking if they have any fetishes or sexual acts they’d like to explore and go from there. It’s a lot easier to be vulnerable if you’re doing it together.

Go With The Flow

Hopefully now you’re feeling much more informed about watersports, how to go about it, and how to discuss the topic with those closest to you. If you’ve decided to dabble in your own piss play then we wish you all the best. If not, whow knows? Maybe the next fetish we explore will be the one for you.


By Emmeline Peaches

Photo: Cha




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