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Victor and Cristiano – Buenos Aires: part two

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Victor and Cristiano – Buenos Aires: part two

She was enjoying Victor inside of her but froze when she saw a man watching them closely.

By Michelle Malou


Victor is still deep inside of me when the distance between Cristiano and us slowly decreases. I am waiting for an exchange of words, but there is none. Unsure how to react myself, I gently push Victor of me. Cristiano stops a meter away for us and leans his body against the back of an old sofa. His lips have not separated from each other, but they have shaped themselves into a slight grin. “Can someone please tell me what is going on?” I ask carefully when it becomes clear I am missing important information about the current situation and can no longer take the awkward silence.


My eyes wander down and up his body and immediately I sense the horniness has not fled my body


“This is Cristiano. He is… one of the artists I am living with.” Victor explains. “Living with… And having sex with. If I may add.” Cristiano elaborates. This is yet another unexpected turn of my stay in Buenos Aires and my mouth opens but no sounds come out. “Oh, don’t worry darling. He can have sex with whoever the fuck he wants. I just really wish you guys would not have started without me.” Cristiano says when he sees I am unable to find a proper reaction to the situation.

When he utters those words like a reflex my eyes wander down and up his body and immediately I sense the horniness has not fled my body but was merely hiding behind my confusion. I am going to stick to my decision not to overthink anything and while one of my hands rests on Victor’s warm neck the other urges Cristiano to come and join. Victor seems to have the most trouble catching up with the new developments, When Victor looks at me with big eyes, I realize he seems to have to most trouble catching up with the new developments.

I want Victor to stop thinking any longer and let our lips reunite with passion. My body moves closer to his, while simultaneously my hand slides up from his neck into his long hair. My other hand is reaching sideways, angling for Cristiano. His hands are the first part that reaches me and his light strokes slowly move up my arms to my face, consciously exploring each encounter with my pale skin. The sounds of honking cars from the street reaches my ear just when his hand does. One instant later his hand is forcefully pulling my lips from Victor’s and pushing them onto his. There is no time to observe Victor’s facial expression, but his heavy breathing reassures me of his willingness to participate. Cristiano’s kisses are much rougher and suddenly push everything to a higher plateau.


My hand smoothly moves down to my crotch and with one finger I separate my lips from each other.


Both their hands are all over my body while I continue to keep my eyes closed to focus on the sensations being created within me. Besides my intense arousal, my feet are slowly starting to protest after the long walk through the city on high heels. Without saying anything I remove myself from our ménage à trois, walk towards the big lounge set and remove my heels the moment I to sit down. Victor and Cristiano do not follow immediately but take the opportunity to focus the attention on each other for a while. I’m intrigued when I watch closely when Victor sensually undresses Cristiano and slowly discover parts of my sexuality previously hidden. Both their athletic bodies are beautifully tanned and are lacking any lines revealing their natural skin tone. 

While I am on my back I cannot fight the urge to touch myself. My hand smoothly moves down to my crotch and with one finger I separate my lips from each other. The complete lack of friction indicates my intense arousal. I moan loudly in the process. When I feel my fluids run down my ass on to the lounge, it becomes evident I need to be fucked again. As if being lured in by the smell of my wet cunt, Victor and Cristiano look at me and start to move in the direction of the lounge. I enjoy the sight of two men with their blood-filled shafts and eyes radiating with arousal heading into my direction.


Victor watches closely as Cristiano grabs my legs and pulls my hips to the height of his thick and hard cock.


 “I did not expect this to happen,” Victor says while he lies down next to me and starts to gently squeeze my hard nipple. “Well, this year has been full of surprises. Some bad and some incre…,” I am unable to finish my sentence when Cristiano sensually rubs my clit and my body starts to shiver in response. “You are a gorgeous surprise,” Cristiano whispers in my ear at the same moment I feel his warm, hard dick being pressed against my hip. “Just fuck me already,” I demand and instantly Cristiano moves in between my legs and forcefully separates them widely from each other while he remains on his knees. Victor watches closely as Cristiano grabs my legs and pulls my hips to the height of his thick and hard cock. It feels like ages before I finally feel the pressure of him entering me, but it is short-lasted as he quickly pulls back again to repeat the process. His manner is aggressive, yet passive and slow. The rooftop is filled with the noises of our bodies clashing with each other. Each time he pulls my body onto his, the noises become louder and the intervals between them shorter. While staring up at the moon, I suddenly feel Victor’s hand engulfing my throat.


 With one movement Victor turns my body around and moves his body into the space previously held by Cristiano's.


Immediately adrenaline starts rushing rapidly through my already widened veins, urging my body to either fight or flee. The instinctive response from my body makes me fully aware of my vulnerability. Alone with my slender body, naked between those of two strangers in a country far away. However, I understand this is merely the reaction my body is programmed to have and I am willing to ignore it. Better yet, I am going to fully surrender to it and enjoy it. The pressure of Victor’s hand increases but decreases before it becomes uncomfortable, releasing a rush of endorphins and a feeling of exhilaration when he does. Through his actions, he is telling me he could, but he won’t. Seizing the dominant position over me but making me feel safe at the same time. Meanwhile, Cristiano has significantly taken up the speed and a waterfall of sweat his dripping down his handsome face.

The combination of chemicals flowing through me, push me insistently towards the edges of my orgasm. However, for some reason, I am determined to have Victor finish what he started at the beginning of the evening. “I want you to make me come, Victor,” I moan and grab a hold of his firm dick. Instantly Cristiano releases my body and continues to pleasure himself while he supervises the change of position. With one movement Victor turns my body around and moves his body into the space previously held by Cristiano's. Without wasting any time or words, he lets his cock slide right to the back of my womanly depths. “Mmh, fuck,” he moans and it’s clear Cristiano has also not wasted any time and is letting his dick enjoy the tightness of Victor’s ass. That realization puts me over the edge and I scream loudly while my consciousness seems to explode out of my body and ignites a chain reaction through the bodies behind me. He is still inside me, connecting me, to their joined orgasm. They plump down next to me, each on one side. Revealing their softer side while they hold each other tightly and stroke my still shivering body in between theirs. We giggle and laugh out loud like old friends and I realize my sadness has completely vanished. Buenos Aires was definitely a great decision so far.




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