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Vibrations: part 2

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Vibrations: part 2

She deserves her orgasm.

By Michelle Malou

The music is still playing with full force when I open my eyes and see many confused heads hovering above me. I need some time to arrive back in my body again. My back is on the floor, my black t-shirt sucking the mix of beer and sweat of the ground. The temperature contrast between my skin and the floor wakes me up immediately. Automatically I extend my arm toward the hand that is reaching towards me. When I grab it takes only a split second before I am back on my feet. "Thank you," I say to the tall guy that has pulled me up. "Are you okay? What happened? Did you fall? It gets very slippery here," he asks me concerned. "Yes, it indeed gets very slippery here. But I am okay. Thank you," I answer him, while I think about the ejaculated fluids between my legs. My breathing is still heavy. I gasp and shake my head as if wanting to shake my consciousness back into place.

Should I stay or should I go? I am very curious about the mind behind this music and make my decision.

Suddenly, I get really aware of what has happened and start laughing into my hands. “Oh my god,” I express out loud. The tone of the music is not as dark anymore and seems slightly more melodic than before my orgasm. I anxiously look around, and stop when my eyes are directed towards the stage, she appears unable to hide her grin. She seems satisfied with our joined accomplishment. I feel slightly ashamed of my inability to restrain myself and decide I need to process what has just happened outside, accompanied by some silence and likely two consecutive cigarettes. Just when I am about to turn around, she enthusiastically gestures me to come. She is looking straight at me. I sigh. Should I stay or should I go? I am very curious about the mind behind this music and make my decision.

The situation is so surreal that it has no use to try to categorize it with the aim of making any predictions about its continuation. The crowd of dark-clothed people are all vigorously dancing to the heavy techno beats again. With kind gentle gestures, I try to trail a way for myself towards to stage, minimizing my impact on the flow of their dancing. Even though it is only three meters removed away from me, it seems to take ages before I get through the organism of people. When I am standing next to her I have no idea what to say, it feels like we had sex already and have skipped any form of formal introduction. She very nonchalantly places her hand on my cheek and greets me with a gentle kiss on the other. She keeps her face next to mine and moves her mouth slightly more back towards my ear. "It was a pleasure watching you. I have never seen anyone so intensely feeling my music. I am quite flattered", she says just loud enough to make appear as a whisper in contrast with the music present. I am flabbergasted. How did my evening escalade so quickly? I can do nothing except to look at her wide-eyed. Her hand moves from my cheeks down to my hand, using my arm are a slide. "I will be done in ten minutes. Meet me outside," she says calmly, squeezes my hand and concentrates on her music again. I turn my head into the direction of the crowd, trying to imagine what her perspective of the whole situation has been. The light reveals the faces of the anonymous crowd in front of her. Yes, that must have been pretty obvious. Without saying or thinking anything I let myself be guided toward the backdoor entrance of the club and step outside. While trying to find words to say, I wait for her.

The music is omnipresent again, launching me right back in my previous state. She deserves her orgasm.

The back door swings open and her head moves from right to left and back again, looking for me. “I am here,” say and step more into the light. She smiles, walks towards me and gives me another quick kiss on the cheek. Behaving as if we are well acquainted already. Weirdly enough, that instantly how it feels. She grabs my hand and starts skipping towards to street, dragging me along with her. “Where are we going?” I ask confused. “I am taking you home with me. You have any idea how horny you have made me with your little performance? That was just foreplay”, she enlightens me. Even my mind is speechless and I follow her into the taxi, she has hailed with her free arm. During the ride, it becomes clear she is a very spiritual person. She explains how even from a physics point everything is made up of vibrations and we seem to resonate on the same frequency. Feeling how I feel at the moment, I have nothing against this claim. Her enthusiasm makes me believe everything she says. When we arrive at her building, we quickly hurry the six stairs up to her apartment. Already out of breath, she slams the door shut and pushed me against it, but waits before she kisses me. Her dark eyes are fixated on me, catching her breath. I realize I have not been able to see her eyes so clearly, they are as intoxicating as her music. When she looks down to my lips, my heart jumps, knowing it will be mere split seconds before my imagination becomes reality. She kisses me so passionately, I get dizzy, but cannot stop. While kissing, she suddenly claps her hands and instantly colourful light and sensual electronic music start playing. “This is so cheesy, it is cool,” I laugh and look around the room like a little child. Like a horny bird, she dances around me and tries to direct all the attention back to her. When she has got it, she lets herself fall onto the huge carpet covering most of the wooden floor of the room. The carpet is surrounded by various music equipment and different statues and geometric forms. I look down at her, bewildered eyes look back at me. With a slow teasing movement, her hand vanished into the underpants. “I want to come as hard as you did before,” she implies. The music is omnipresent again, launching me right back in my previous state. She deserves her orgasm.

The energy of her words is magnetic and the music makes me feel powerful. Her shoes and trousers fly through the air, while the voices of angels give the music and the room a heavenly feeling. I am on my knees and she is lying fully naked in front of me. For a moment, we are not moving and I take the time to take in her perfect body. Her breasts are just big and tight enough to compete with gravity look voluptuous. Her skin tone seems golden in the light and combined with her flawless skin, she seems to be cut out of marble.

The tension that has been building up in her body releases at once and she arches her back, while she moans loudly.

When the music drops, I bend forward and start kissing her neck. My lips and skin are both so soft, that the friction between them is minimal. Knowing the structure of the music, I have decided to arrive at her most vibrational spot, just when the beat drops and adjust the speed my journey downward accordingly. Teasing her, as she was teasing me on the dance floor. The closer I get, the wetter my kisses become. I can sense she is starting the lose it, fighting the temptation to command me with either words or hands. I am nearly there and the music builds up, as I hover before her vagina. The smell of her fluids makes me mad like a shark smelling blood. Perfectly timed, I let the tip of my tongue slide up where her lips meet. The tension that has been building up in her body releases at once and she arches her back, while she moans loudly. The intervals between my licking decrease, while the pressure of my tongue keeps increases with every stroke. My hands move vertically up towards her breasts, each movement communicating she is in good hands. I let my tongue dig in deeper and harder, continuously mixing my saliva with her natural lubricant. Her clit is hard and even warmer than the flesh of my tongue. Before I touch her most sensitive spot, I slowly circle around it a couple of times. She is no longer in control of her movements and starts to quiver uncontrollably. I continue to hold her body tightly between my hands and move my tongue down and slightly into her tunnel, giving her clit short pauses in the intense climb towards the climax of the evening. I move up one more time and her loudest scream perfectly merges with the music. Her nails are have punctured the skin on my arms, her head moving rapidly from left to right. She tells me to stop, by pulling me on top of her sweaty body. She was right, we resonate.

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