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Unexpected Affection: Five Secret Valentine’s Surprises

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Unexpected Affection: Five Secret Valentine’s Surprises

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? A romantic dinner out? A box of chocolates? Perhaps something even more elaborate such as a horse-and-carriage ride, or a spa day together?

By Emmeline Peaches

These are all fantastic ways to celebrate Valentine’s (and to show your partner just how much you love them) but they’re also rather…predictable.

The annual rituals associated with Valentine’s have become almost as appropriate as the plot of the inevitable RomCom movies that come out in February every year and if you or your partner are the type of person who gets tired of tropes then the whole affair can become a little less intimate and a lot more cliché.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Your relationship is unique so your Valentine’s celebrations can be equally personalized. That being said, we do love some tradition here at Dusk, and we’re suckers for a good surprise. So in this article we thought we’d combine these two ideas by providing you with five ideas for unexpected Valentine’s gifts or activities to surprise your lover with. Take the best of both worlds as you make this Valentine’s your own!

#1 Go Old School With a Mix Tape

Sometimes the most unexpected break from tradition is a return to it.

Remember mix tapes? Or how about mix CDs? Make one.

Customize a playlist that’s either catered to your lover’s tastes or a vocal display of your own feelings for them (or both). From there you can go as old school or as new tech as you want.

If you’re really committed to the surprise factor this might involve actually finding, buying, and using a cassette player. That certainly will be a surprise!

But, if you’re much more in to modern tech, then rest assured that the time and effort you’ve put in to customizing a musical playlist (and then surprising your lover with it) will not go unappreciated—especially seeing as it can be a rather time-consuming activity.

Do this one right and you may even find yourself discovering and enjoying some new romantic songs too. That or death metal, depending on your lover’s preference.

#2 Learn A New Skill

This one is great for lovers who find themselves on different work schedules (with lots of free time to do solo activities).

Take the time prior to Valentine’s Day to learn a new skill. This may be something conventional—such as massage, cookery, or dancing—or it could be something more unexpected—like painting, music lessons, or maybe even couples’ yoga.

Whatever you decide to learn make sure that it’s something that you can do in your own time and then surprise your partner with on Valentine’s Day.

Dependability and convention are all good and well—most of us are seeking a reliable and stable partner—but sometimes finding out that our loved one can still leave us utterly flabbergasted by what they can do (or will learn to do for us) is the best feeling in the world.

#3 Utilize Post It Notes

Write out some pre-prepared Post It notes that have little declarations of affection on them. The, when they’re asleep, take the time to sneak around the house and post them up you’re your lover to discover the next day.

These can be anything from ‘I love the way your smile looks’ left on the bathroom mirror, ‘Your cooking warms my heart’ on the oven, or more intimate confessions such as ‘Watching porn with you is incredibly arousing’ left on the bedroom side.

Whatever the notes make sure that you let your partner discover them themselves rather than trying to bring attention to them and let them talk to you about the notes in their own time. It’s not a surprise if you give the game away, after all!

#4 Plan A Holiday

This one takes time, money, and a very particular type of significant other but if you know that you’re partner is the type to go with the flow then surprising them with a holiday might be a passion-induced adventure for both of you.

While on the holiday we encourage you not to go with all the typical Valentine’s (or even tourist) clichés. Instead make sure to get immersed in the local culture and explore with an eye towards the unexpected.

You did this as a surprise, after all, so embrace that sense of the unknown and unexplored by trying new things and embarking upon new adventures together. This Valentine’s event may have been unexpected but it will also be unforgettable too.

#5 Bring Everything They Love In To One Place

Sometimes despite your best efforts Valtnine’s Day has to be a small or budgeted event celebrated at home, and that’s fine. A lot of people even prefer that nowadays. However just because you’re celebrating Valentine’s indoors doesn’t mean that you can’t still bring some surprised to the table.

Rather than sticking to red roses, heart-shaped chocolates, and a candlelit meal take the time to gather some of your partner’s favourite things and bring them in to a room in your house. Treat it like a collage of everything they love and everything you’re going to gift them with that evening.

This may include their favourite cuddly toys, cherished massage lotions, or perhaps even an array of consoles and/or DVDs. Heck, it could even be all of these things!

The surprise comes from gathering these items up and planning a personalised day of hobby-based indulgence to pamper your partner with. Not only does this show them that you care but it allows you to become more involved in their life and to enjoy the things they love alongside them.

What a perfect way to spend a day (or evening) together.

And That’s All For Now!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and remember: The key to a truly good surprise is knowing your partner and working to factor in their needs as much as is possible. Some (or all) of these suggestions may not work for you but we feel confident that you’ll be able to find something that will and wish you all the best in giving your loved one the most unexpected and enjoyable Valentine’s experience that you could both ever hope for.

By Emmeline Peaches

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