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The sexual allure of clowns

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The sexual allure of clowns

Clown sex is a thing and IT’s fun.

By Emmeline Peaches

When the reimagining of Stephen King’s cult classic book IT was remade for a modern audience back in 2017 it didn’t take long for something rather specific to happen on the world wide web.

That thing, of course, being the release of copious amounts of smut.

Contrary to what many individuals might have concluded after seeing Bill Skarsguård’s latest rendition of the ever antagonistic Pennywise (who is actually a giant female intergalactic being, conceived in the human mind most accurately as a giant spider monster, just FYI) a large following of individuals saw the sinister clown’s creepy grin and found themselves…aroused.



Pennywise was, to many, Penny-fiiine, and a lot of people wanted to be Penny-trated by this intergalactic devourer of misery and suffering. As long as he looked like a clown, that is. We’re not too sure how Pennywise’s spider form goes down.

One thing is for sure though – the internet is full of renditions of Pennywise in erotic scenarios, both as a male and a female, appealing to people’s fundamental fascination with the character.

This might not be surprising if you reason that the actor who plays Pennywise is, by many accounts, quite a catch, but this explanation falls apart when you realize that Pennywise porn actually precedes Skarsguård’s latest performance.

Again, fair: Tim Curry captured many people’s imagination as a sweet transvestite from Transylvania, so erotica of all forms is to be expected and thus that’s the reason for so much clown smut, right? Wrong.

As it happens, people’s interest in the antagonist from IT actually plays in to a larger sexual fascination with all things involving pale faces, red smiles, and balloons: A fetish otherwise known as coulrophilia.


What Is Coulrophilia?

Coulrophilia is, to use an accepted definition, a sexual attraction focused on clowns, mimes, and jesters of all kinds.

Someone who is involved in the coulrophilia movement is likely to either find clowns to be highly arousing or will gain gratification from becoming a clown themselves and acting the part of a party jester. It’s not uncommon for those with coulrophilia to actually enjoy both becoming and admiring clowns either, as this is basically the best of both worlds for many involved.

The trend may not be as uncommon or obscure as you think either: After the 2016-17 ‘killer clown incident’ (where people would dress as clowns and spook people on the streets as part of a viral trend) searches for clown porn apparently shot up by 213%. Given this it’s perhaps not too much of a stretch to imagine that some of those clowns stalking around late at night last year were actually involved in a consensual game of clowny ‘cat and mouse’ with a willing submissive ‘victim’.


The Appeal Of It All

On a more serious note, though, clown fetishes might hold an appeal for people due to the fondness that they have for the playful, absurd, and bombastic elements of the archetypal jester.

Clown culture is often associated with many fun and creative aspects of life such as brilliant music, impressive balloon tricks, candy floss, lollipops, and vibrant and intricately designed outfits which can easily be customized in to exquisite kink gear. Don’t believe us? Just look at what some of the female clown-centric camgirls out there are achieving with their outfit choices. Many of them are absolutely stunning.

As with a lot of kink, there’s also an element of fun roleplay and stepping out of one’s daily mundanity that can come from coulrophilia.

Once that white makeup is applied and appropriately decorated with a coloured grin, the person underneath it all is basically painted with permission to take on (and enjoy) a completely different role in life, and that is very liberating.

There’s also an aspect of free-spirited play and a desire to please and entertain in clown culture which is so easily attributed to sex and sexual activity in general. Many of us wish for a sex life which is full of fun and variation. Well, with a clown involved you’re pretty much guaranteed to be entertained (one way or another).


Clowning Around

By now you might be left in complete shock by the realisation that coulrophilia is a thing or you might actually be rather…interested. For the latter, you might be wondering how exactly one goes about engaging in coulrophilia?

The good news is that if you’re asking that then you’re already technically participating in the kink – arousal being a key component – but let’s dive a little deeper, shall we?

For those looking to dip their toes in a little bit of clown-based foreplay the best thing to do is start simply but effectively. Go to a local fancy dress store and pick out some (relatively good quality) face paint, a neck ruffle, and any ‘props’ that you might want to add in to the mix.

We suggest this instead of a full outfit because it’s important to get a feel for the actions and sensations of coulrophilia before trying to dive in to the deep end.

Set either yourself or your consenting partner/s up to be in a situation where one of you can adopt the clown role and try a little bit of exploratory roleplay. If you both like it then, congratulations! Coulrophilia might just be for you and you can expand your clown collection and kink further. Just be careful about sweet foods and genitals – the two do not mix.

Alternatively, you could always read some of the many clown-based erotic stories on the net, or engage with some clown pornography or camgirl clips (of which there are a lot).We hear that Pennywise is quite popular in these circles.


The Takeaway

Whatever method you chose to explore coulrophilia just remember that sex is all about being fun, learning about yourself, and greeting each experience of pleasure with a smile and a sense of euphoric release.

For those who don’t find such experiences through an association with clowns we hope, at least, that you now have a better understanding of why some people do.

Life’s full of fun, isn’t it?


Emmeline Peaches 




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