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The hottest female sex symbols over the Years

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The hottest female sex symbols over the Years

A good look at the hot babes, the classic beauties and the stars of your wet dreams.

By Rebecca Dane

So… we’ve already written about the hot male sex symbols over the decades, but let’s be honest… it was really the women that made all those decades absolutely steaming.

The men were hot, yeah, totally. But the women? Pretty unforgettable.


Josephine Baker, born in the USA, spent most of her career in Europe. She has been quoted saying that she felt liberated in Paris. In Paris, she became an instant success with her dancing, particularly known for being almost nude onstage. There is definitely more history you should look into about Josephine Baker, but she couldn’t go unmentioned.


Josephine Baker- Un Vent de Folie

Being famous at the height of the Great Depression really speaks for itself. Jean Harlow, nicknamed “Baby,” was partly known for her bleached blonde hair (that was rumoured to have poisoned her). She actually died at age 26, but her legacy lived on through her movies, particularly starring next to Clark Gable.


Jean Harlow

Rita Hayworth was actually born as Margarita Carmen Cansino but changed her name and her looks in order to make it in the show business. Her most famous film was “Gilda.”


Rita Heyworth: actress and pin-up to the troops


Brigitte Bardot has often been referred to by her initials “B.B.” She became a breakout star when her then-husband cast her in the movie “And God Created Women”. In recent years, she’s stirred up a lot of controversy.


Brigitte Bardot in And God Created Women


Elizabeth Taylor is definitely a household name for being absolutely stunning. Also, her history of having eight different marriages is pretty memorable too! Did you know that she actually deliberately gained weight to play more substantial film roles?

In contrast, Raquel Welch, another ‘60s sex symbol managed to stay out of the public eye. Her breakthrough movie was “One Million Years B.C.”


Elizabeth Taylor

Could this decade be owned by anyone other than that beautiful flipped blonde hair? Farrah Fawcett, of course! Swimsuit model turned Charlie’s Angel. There is no way you haven’t fantasized about that hair at some point… or is that just me? Quintessential ’70s style.


Farrah Fawcett

1983 is when Carrie Fisher appeared on stage in Return of the Jedi in a bikini with hints of bondage - also known as “Slave Leia.” You know what we’re talking about.


Carry Fisher

Remember when Pamela Anderson ran along the beach? Can you believe that was almost 30 years ago? Yup. Almost thirty years since that red swimsuit made massive waves.


Pamela Anderson in Baywatch


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