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Erotic Story: The call

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Erotic Story: The call

All my senses merge into one and all I can see, hear, taste, smell and feel, is him.

By Victoria Hawk

It is just about the get dark and I am preparing myself for a quiet evening with my new book in bed. While I am brushing my teeth, I read the back of my toothpaste tube, for the tenth time. I don’t know what most of the words mean, but for some reason, I am particularly interested in finding out what “cellulose gum” is. However, I always forget about my curiosity immediately after I put the tube back on the shelf and continue life without this knowledge. I want to break out of this Groundhog Day and decide to look it up at this instant and start searching for my phone. Suddenly, my brain reacts to the sound of a phone. I recognize it, but it is not the sound I had expected to hear. It is not the sound from my cell phone, but from the landline, I forgot I even had. Quickly I grab it, run towards the sink, and spit out the white foam.

“Hello”, I say reservedly after pressing the little rubber telephone button.

“Good evening, Mrs I am calling from Happy Plumbing. Currently, we are offering the check your pipes for free, as prevention is better than repairing. Often a closer look from a skilled hand can do wonders”, a friendly male voice informs me on the other end of the line. My boyfriend… I have to giggle before I decide to play along with his stereotypical role play.

“Well, to be honest, no one has looked at my pipes for a long time now and I am not sure if I should do it myself. I am not very handy”, I answer in an ignorant, slightly softer voice than my own.


“You are getting hard, aren’t you? I can hear it in your voice”


He understands I am willing to play along and I can hear his smug through in his breath. Quickly I remove the left-over toothpaste from my mouth and check myself out in the mirror. I am not entirely sure why.

“Has anyone checked up on your pipes recently? Your husband maybe?”, he asks in a hopeful voice.

“No, I don’t have a husband… Or boyfriend,” I answer teasingly.

“Mmh, so when I come to your house you will be all alone?”

“Most likely, yes”, I confirm.

“Are you alone now?”

“Yes, I was getting ready for bed when you called”, I tell him while my eyes find the bed and slowly I make my way towards it and lie down.

“Did you manage to put on your pajamas at least?”, he wonders.

“Yes. I first took a nice and long shower, put on my pajamas and brushed my teeth. So, I am very clean. I'm actually getting into the bed just now,” I utter, unable to hide my arousal his voice is already causing. The sounds of my body getting on to the bed and positioning itself are reaching the other end of the line.

“The sounds very cosy. I wish I could be there next to your right now”, he says while his breathing gets heavier. I close my eyes and my cheeks are flushing while I try to imagine my boyfriend getting hard on the other end. I cannot play it cool any longer.

“You are getting hard, aren’t you? I can hear it in your voice”, I whisper seductively while my body is craving to be touched and moves restlessly on the bed. But I want to be a bit more patient.


“I want to know how wet I make you.”


“Oh yes, with every word you are saying I am getting harder and harder. What do you want me to do? You make me so horny!” he moans.

“I want you to firmly grab your hard dick and tell me how it feels.”

“My hand is going into my underpants. It is gently touching the skin. Underneath it is… mmh… it is really hard… and very warm. Now my hand is all around it. I am going to move it slowly up and down. Grabbing a little tighter. It feels so good. I can feel my heartbeat, it goes so fast. I want you to touch yourself as well.”

“I am touching my right breast. It is soft, but my nipple is just as hard as your dick”

“Squeeze it hard”

“Mmmh…” I moan loudly while I press my index finger and thumb onto my hard nipple. The movements and breathing are increasing on the other end.

“I want to know how wet I make you.”

“Okay. I am moving my hand over my belly down now. My pajama pants are very tight, but my fingers are sliding in between now. Oh, it is much warmer here. I feel a little strip of hair in the middle. Do you want me to go further down?”

“Yes, I want you to tell me if you are wet enough for me to put my hard cock into you. I want to know if you are ready to be fucked”

“Oh, yes. There is no friction between my finger and the skin. It is so slippery”, I inform him while I move my middle finger between my lips and spread my juices onto my clit. While my moaning is getting louder.

“Tell me what is happening”, he demands

“I am touching my clit. This feels amazing! I want you to fuck me really hard!”

My back in arching and I can barely hold on to the phone. His breathing is getting heavier. The thought of him inside me, makes me go wild.

“When I come and you are all alone, I will make sure my cock fills you up entirely. But first I will get you completely naked. Take in your amazing breasts. Making sure your beauty will get me nice and hard. I will kiss and lick your whole body and will end between your legs. Mixing our juices together and making sure you are really, really wet. Then, I will slowly slide my hard cock into you. With my arms, I will grab your body, hold it tightly and move it onto my hard shaft. Are you still with me?”, he suddenly asks.


All my senses merge into one and all I can see, hear, taste, smell and feel, is him.


“Oh yes, I really want you to come over and look at my pipes very soon. The thought alone of you fucking me almost makes me come. My finger is rubbing over my clit, but I am going to put it where your cock will be soon. I think it will make me come. What are you doing?”

He can barely talk when he says, “My hand is moving very fast now. I can feel I will come soon as well. I can’t keep my eyes open… All I can hear and see is you. I can’t talk… aaaah”, he says while his words transform into uncontrolled moaning. I recognize the noises and it is clear he is enjoying an amazing orgasm.

“I am inside myself and I can feel my flesh contracting around my finger. All I can think about is you…” are the last words I can say before my body starts shaking uncontrollably. I scream loudly while I squeeze the phone in one hand. All my senses merge into one and all I can see, hear, taste, smell and feel, is him. After an undefinable amount of time, I feel myself back in my body.

“Are you still there?”

There is no answer. Disappointed I fall half asleep, but quickly get woken up by my doorbell. I know it is him ready to do to me what he said he would.   








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