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The 10 best sex scenes in popular movies

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The 10 best sex scenes in popular movies

Just thinking about these scenes will get your blood pumping.

By Rebecca Dane

There are so many movies with really sexy scenes that we had trouble narrowing them down for this list! We decided to only include movies that came out after the year 2000. There are so really great ones before that (like 9 ½ Weeks), but we thought it would be a bit different to round up some more recent suggestions.

The movies listed below are all sexy for different reasons. They might not be the best movies of all time (ahem… 50 Shades), but there are some pretty fine scenes in all of the ones mentioned. There are scenes involving BDSM, stripping, touch-less orgasms… you get the point! Happy movie watching!


Mulholland Drive (2001)

This movie made the list because of the sex scene between Betty Elms (Naomi Watts) and Camilla Rhodes (Laura Elena Harring). Although not all of their sex scenes are great, the one that features a blonde wig is pretty darn good.


Y Tu Mamá También (2001)

This film is centered around a road-trip with two friends. There is plenty of sex in the film, including right at the beginning, but the most iconic scene is the threesome that plays out with the two friends and a woman. The best part about this threesome is that it barely even focuses on the woman involved in it. It focuses on the friendship that is about to be forever changed by their moment of sexual intensity.


40 Days and 40 Nights (2002)

For a movie that was based on a main character that did not have sex, it sure managed to get in a really juicy orgasm scene. Remember the one where the flower is trailed along the woman’s body until she orgasms? It might not be a realistic scene for most people, but you can just imagine what it must have felt like against her skin.


Secretary (2002)

Secretary is about a secretary that ends up becoming submissive in a sexual way with her boss. She does have a role in manipulating her boss, who tells her how to dress, talk, and eat. If you’re into 50 Shades (or even if you’re not), watch this one too. There is a comedic element to the story, too!


The Dreamers (2003)

If you’re into artsy films then you might like this one. There definitely is some incest though, so be aware of that before you press ‘play.’ A set of French twins (male and female) seduces a male American, and they end up having a lot of sex. No one is really off-limits, and it culminates into a threesome. There’s incest and some blood involved, but it’s a pretty renowned film so we’ve put it on our list.


Blue Valentine (2010)

The scene that really makes this stand out in a different way is when Dean (Ryan Gosling) goes down on Cindy (Michelle Williams) while they are both fully clothed. It’s definitely sexy, but not in a pornographic way. Sex scenes that are about love can be super hot, especially when they feel incredibly realistic.


Enter the Void (2010)

If you’re into voyeurism then you’re probably going to like this scene. We get transported into different rooms of a love hotel and become witness to a variety of sex acts that range from PIV to… kinkier things. The neon lights make it a little hard to watch, but we think it is worth it.


Magic Mike (2012)

Channing Tatum stripping. Need we say more? While there aren’t many sex scenes in the actual movie, there is a whole lot of eye candy going on, so we felt like it should make the list. Magic Mike XXL (2015) wasn’t too shabby either.


50 Shades of Grey (2015)

While this movie has received a lot of criticism about its portrayal of BDSM and the Dom/sub relationship, there is no denying that it has changed the way many, many people accept kink. It wasn’t the best movie (or book, for that matter), but we have to credit it to making sex toys and bondage more mainstream.


50 Shades Freed (2018)


It’s not out yet but if you’ve seen the movie trailer, you know you’re in for a really good ride. The third movie in the trilogy actually looks like an upgrade from the other two! Also, we’re looking forward to new sex toys that will accompany the movie’s debut!


Have you seen any other great sex scenes in the past few years? Let us know what you’ve been watching!


Rebecca Dane
A Couple of Kinks 


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