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Strip Club Etiquette

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Strip Club Etiquette

Rules are very important, so keep that in mind when you visit a strip club.

Rebecca Dane from A Couple of Kinks

If you’re heading to a strip club for the first time ever or the first time in a new city, there are certain rules you need to follow. Here is a little guide to get you started about how to act in a strip club.

Please note that these pertain to both “male” and “female” strip clubs.


Find out the rules!

Every strip club will have different rules. Some will be no-contact, some will be full contact and some will have an in-between option. These rules can vary because of the city’s laws or just depending on the personal rules of the club. If you’re not sure what type of strip club you are in, it is always better to ask. Definitely don’t touch any dancers without confirming that you are allowed contact. If you’re not sure, then ask the staff.


Don’t Bring People who don’t want to be there

As someone who has been to various strip clubs… please, please don’t bring people who don’t want to be there. First of all, it is absolutely awful for someone to feel peer-pressured or coerced into attending a strip club. You always need enthusiastic consent. Second, it is really awkward for everyone else at the strip club when it is evident that someone does not want to be there. It’s horrible for the person and horrible for everyone else. Just don’t do it. Bring another friend.


Say “no” if you mean “no”

If a dancer approaches you and you aren’t interested in any services, then just say “no.” Don’t say “maybe later.” It is totally okay to say “no” to something. For the dancers, this is a job. Don’t waste their time.


Ask prices first

Always confirm the price of a service before it begins. You don’t want to be surprised at the cost once it is too late to say “no” to paying for it. It’s not going to be awkward to ask – these questions come with the business. Ask before accepting any services so there are no surprises. 


Don’t buy drinks for the dancers (unless you ask first)

Don’t assume the dancers will appreciate an alcoholic drink. Some might not drink at all or some might not drink on the job. It would be a waste of money for you to buy a drink and it puts the dancer in an awkward position. Ask before you buy anyone a drink. Also, on this subject, drinks are not money. You cannot buy someone drinks in exchange for a service. No one can pay rent with alcohol.


No pictures!

Definitely never take a photo of anyone inside the strip club. This means that cell phones are often not allowed because of the camera function. Keep your phones hidden in your pockets unless there is a rule stating that it is okay. Even if you’re just texting someone on your phone, you will probably be asked to put it away and you might be asked to leave.


Don’t ask for real names

People choose to use different names for a reason. Don’t ask a dancer for their real name. They won’t give it to you, and it is crossing a boundary. Similarly, don’t ask a dancer for their phone number. They aren’t there to go on a date with you. If you want to see them again, pay for another dance.


Don’t show your genitals

This one shouldn’t really need an explanation. Keep your genitals to yourself.


Don’t get wasted

If you’re planning on drinking, drink in moderation. You don’t want to get sloppy or rowdy because you will get kicked out. Keep all critiques to yourself and remember that you need to respect the dancers.



Tip! Tip! Tip! If you’re sitting at the stage, then you should tip minimum $1 per dance per performer. This doesn’t mean that a group of five friends only gets to tip $1. Each person needs to tip the minimum. If you’re getting a private dance, you should also provide a tip.


If you enjoy being in a strip club, that is great! If you don’t enjoy it, it is always okay to leave. Just do what feels right for you! If your friends are comfortable being there and respectful towards the dancers, then you’ll have a good night! 


Rebecca Dane

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