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Start your Valentine’s planning now!

This is why it is so much better to plan the romance in time.

By Emmeline Peaches

Happy New Year! Now let’s talk Valentine’s.

‘Now hold on a minute,’ you might be thinking to yourself, ‘I’ve still got well over a month before Valentine’s Day even starts becoming a thing, I’ve got loads of time’. True, but look at it this way – would you rather find yourself stressing about Valentine’s at the last moment, worrying about what to get and feeling generally unprepared, or would you rather approach the month of love with quiet confidence about all the planning and presents you’ve meticulously put in to place a month in advance? We’re a fan of the latter.

Besides, when you start thinking about it there are loads of reasons to get the Valentine’s shopping in early. Here are just a few that come to mind.


#1 January Sales

Valentine’s comes with its own sales, but the January New Year’s sales get the edge. Not only are they usually larger for some companies but they’re also much more diverse. Sex toys are on sale but so are travel costs, hotels, technology, books, jewellery, clothing…pretty much anything you could imagine!

Variety is the spice of life and if you know that your partner has a specific passion or hobby then the sales in January make that option far more accessible, meaning you can break the Valentine’s mould with your considerate and cost-effective gifts.


#2 You Can Plan For More (While Paying Less)

Because you’re planning your Valentine’s so far in advance you have the luxury of being able to sit down and think ‘What exactly do I want to do for my partner and I this year?’ and plan accordingly.

This leeway is incredibly useful, especially if you’re thinking of planning a trip. You can look more in-depth in to dates, locations, restaurant reservations, any additional events that you want to book in to, or perhaps something specific like a Broadway show.

And, again, because you’re booking in advance it’s likely to be more affordable, creating a win-win situation for anything you have up your sleeve.


#3 You Can Prevent Any Conflict of Schedule

Because you’ve got such a long time to plan you can also either ask your partner if they’re going to be free on Valentine’s Day (or a day surrounding it) and plan accordingly.

It also allows you to see if they even want to celebrate Valentine’s, which might be important in a new relationship or for those who have a work-centred partner. Not everyone is a big fan of Valentine’s, after all, so being considerate far in advance will alleviate any pressure or frustration down the line.

Poly individuals may also find that the extra time helps them figure out the Valentine’s dynamics in their relationship, such as who is free what day, if it’s going to be a group affair or solo, if additional partners will be included (for open relationships) and similar. The same goes for swinging. Heck, you could even use your advanced planning to create your own large event, should you wish, or plan a sex party.

The point is advanced planning permits options and when it comes to sex and relationships that’s never a bad thing.



#4 You Avoid The Valentine’s Marketing Game

Remember those Valentine’s sales we mentioned? They can be great. There’s also nothing stopping you from taking advantage of them in addition to your January Valentine’s prep (who doesn’t like getting a few extra cheeky gifts, after all?) but buyer beware.

Not every company is using Valentine’s to make sure their customers get the best deals or experiences. Sometimes companies will use Valentine’s to push forward the products that are cheap to make and thus provide them with a good profit margin (even when on sale). This includes products which might not be completely body friendly and, in fact, often aren’t.

This isn’t always the case, and many companies do try to keep customer care at heart, but we still can’t help but wince at the amount of disposable jelly cock rings and toxic rubber dildos that get peddled in the name of reduced rate love (sometimes with added glitter, for that extra environmental damage).

In the Valentine’s rush it’s so easy to get sucked in by these products, not just because they’re cheap and highly advertised but also because they tend to come as part of the ‘Valentine’s Gift Boxes’ and similar packages that are promoted in the February months.

Having shopped in advance you’ll know that you’re Valentine’s is sorted. This assurance means you can browse Valentine’s bargains without feeling pressured and locate and purchase the body-safe, truly well-endorsed items should you wish.

And, if nothing catches your fancy, you’re not in a ‘well I have to get something situation’.  Have we made our case yet?


#5 Less Stress, More Love

If not, then we’d like to reiterate the lack of stress that comes with doing your Valentine’s shopping now rather than letting the clock tick by.

Valentine’s Day stress is a real thing, and it’s not to be taken lightly. Wait till February and you’ll be surprised at the amount of advice articles out there focused on how to survive Valentine’s rather than actually enjoying it – something which makes us feel incredibly sad for anyone who is struggling in this way.

So, take care of yourself and your partner/s by making sure you’re not one of those people.

Follow our early January advice to help you avoid financial stress, establish your partner’s (and your own) feelings about celebrate Valentine’s, and making sure that your diaries are free and your gifts sincerely catered to the needs of the recipient/s.

Do this and we’d like to think that you’ll have helped create a relationship dynamic that feels better for yourself and for everyone else involved.

Besides, nobody likes that last-minute rush of procrastination stress, even if everything does turn out fine in the end.


Emmeline Peaches 


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