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Spring cleaning your sex life

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Spring cleaning your sex life

Winter is over (yaay! ) time to freshen up your sex life!

January seemed to take forever and then February just kind of disappeared. March too, considering it is almost over. Is it just me or does time seem to go by faster when you’re older?

It’s almost spring! As much as I want time to slow down just a little bit, I am also thrilled that the weather is about to get warmer and I can finally put away my enormous winter coat and enjoy some sun on my face.

Of course, spring time is associated with cleaning the house (why is that anyway?) but we thought it would be nice to provide some tips to clean our your sex life!

Sometimes we just need a good reminder to get out of a rut.

Here are our tips on how to spring clean your sex life!


1. Go Outside More

No, we don’t mean have sex outside more (although if that’s your thing, go for it). We mean actually go outside more. Go for a walk by yourself or with your partner. Go organize an event where you can get Vitamin D from the sun, a breeze in your hair, and feel a bit rejuvenated. Being cooped up in the house all winter doesn’t always lead to the sexiest moods. Get out and enjoy the fresh air, and your spring-induced good mood will transfer back to the bedroom.


2. Get Rid of Toxic People

Are you dating someone who isn’t right for you? Are your friends holding you back from shining your rays of positivity? Get rid of them! Do it in a nice way, of course – but you should still get them out of your life. Don’t ghost on anyone, but just realize that you don’t need people in your life that bring you down.

If there’s someone playing games with you, either tell them to be direct with, or move on. It’s the perfect opportunity to step back and consider how the people around you are affecting your life. Letting go of the negativity is going to do wonders for all aspects of your life.  


3. Clean Out Your Phone

You don’t need to stop using your phone, but go through it and decide what is absolutely necessary – then get rid of everything else. Having so many apps on your phone is probably pretty distracting – and it is probably taking up time that could otherwise be spent doing romantic things with your partner. Even if the romantic thing is just having a nice non-interrupted dinner, or holding each other tight during a Netflix show rather than both being on your phones. Clean out what is not necessary, so you can put down your phone more often. Once you put it down, it will be easier to get cozy with the person (or people) around you.  

P.S. While you’re at it, erase all those old phone numbers you don’t need. You know… the ones that have exes names attached to them.


4. Start an Exercise Routine

Yup… it had to be mentioned! We all know there are an abundance of benefits from exercising – and that includes having better sex. Seriously, we aren’t trying to trick you. Physically, you can go at it for longer or be able to try out more flexible positions. Mentally, you’ll probably overall feel better which can help put you in the mood more often.

While the weather is in that nice in-between temperature, you can start incorporating a new exercise routine into your week. It is better to hits.

start it now so it can turn into a real habit before the heat wave


5. Make Sex a Priority!

Clean up your schedule and find some time to get sexy with someone you like. Of course it sucks that you have to actually plan it, but that’s just a reality of being a busy person. Plan some ‘sexy’ time every week – and even if it doesn’t lead to sex, you’ll still spend time together. If you’re both not in the mood when that time slot comes around, hole yourself up in your bedroom anyway and take turns doing something easy like massaging each other.

Making the effort to connect on a regular basis is pretty much the key to having a happy and healthy sex life for years and years. If you’re not doing it – use spring-cleaning as an excuse to get on it!


In short: Ditch the bad people and make time for the good people (which includes yourself).

Do you have any other tips to clean out your sex life? Let us know on Facebook or twitter.

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