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Six reasons to stop shaving for the winter

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Six reasons to stop shaving for the winter

This is why you should leave your razor in the drawer.

By Rebecca Dane

I used to shave all the time. I grew up thinking that it was just what women had to do. I learned to shave my legs when I was 13 years old, despite having the blondest and thinnest hair ever (and well… being 13 years old).

More than half my lifetime ago, there was significantly fewer discussions about hair removal. Something has started to change though. More magazine and online articles have been saying it is okay to have body hair. And Dusk TV Magazine is no exception!

Please note this article is geared towards people who are typically “required” by society to shave. No gender is excluded.

Six reasons to grow out your leg hair for the Winter:


1. Movember

Movember is not just for moustaches. If half the world’s population is allowed to grow out their facial hair and not maintain it for a whole month… then why does the other half of the population have to continue shaving? Take the month off! Maybe you’ll fall in love with it and keep it going for the next few months. Maybe you’ll hate it and you’ll shave on December 1st. Just try it! We’re already part way through the month anyway!


2. Winter.

Do I need to say more? It’s getting cold out there! No, I’m not suggesting that you use your leg hair for warmth (my personal experiments tell me that doesn’t really work). I’m suggesting that while you’re in thick jeans and warm tights, use it as an excuse to take a few weeks (or months) off shaving. As Elsa might say… let it grow!


3. Bopo

Body positivity is trying to stay afloat at the forefront of media messages. It’s struggling though, and it needs your help! Every time you embrace your body hair is another step forward for the entire movement of loving yourself! Don’t want to do it alone? Have a friend join you for the winter. You can talk about how it feels and the reactions you might get. Having a friend back your decision can also help you feel more confident when talking about it to other people. If you embrace it, no one is going to hate it. In fact, you might be able to get quite a few friends to join you.


4. The Pink Tax

There are many beauty products that have a “pink tax” on them. Essentially, this means that they cost more just because they are geared towards “women.” Next time you walk by the razor aisle, take a look. The “men’s” razors are cheaper and have more blades (and from my experience, blades that last longer). The “women’s” razors have weird soap attachments and fewer number of blades AND THEY COST MORE. Rebel against the industry by making sure you don’t buy any new razors for the rest of the cold months. Then, when you start shaving again, make sure to buy the “men’s” razors because they are better and cheaper and don’t just have skinny white women on the packages.


5. Just Because

I once grew out my armpit hair for a month just because I could. I wanted to see what it looked like and felt like. After a month, I realized it wasn’t for me, but I am forever glad that I tried it out. It gave me a different perspective of people who do decide to grow it out. You never know if you’re going to love it or hate it until you try it. I started shaving at age 13, so I had never experienced full length hair. It was a fun trial period!


6. It’s Badass

Whenever I see a feminine person with full leg hair on display, I can’t help but think that they are a total badass. I used to think it was gross, but in recent years I have come to admire them. It takes a lot of guts to against societal norms. Even a small protest like growing out leg hair can be super radical. Be radical with your hair this winter! It’s a small revolution every time someone doesn’t conform to gender standards.


While this article was geared towards stopping shaving for the entire winter (and maybe even ever if you find out that’s your thing), it is totally okay to enjoy shaving and continue to shave your body hair. Just because someone loves hairy legs, doesn’t mean you have to – and vice-versa. The point of this article is to show that leg hair isn’t really all that bad, but the choice is still yours to make. As long as you’re making your choice for YOU, that’s what matters.

Let us know if you decide to grow it out or if you prefer to keep your legs silky smooth. We want to know what our Dusk TV readers are doing! 



Rebecca Dane
A Couple of Kinks

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