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Sexy fun in the sun

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Sexy fun in the sun

Here’s what you have to realise before you get it on in the sun.

By Emmeline Peaches

It’s coming up to summer for many different places and you know what that means: Bikinis, beach trips, and feeling hot as hell while it’s hot as hell.

Summer is practically the season of sexual exploration and extroversion. Sure, spring is technically the time when nature ‘gets it on’ but, think about it, what do most of us do when the sun is out in full force? Party with our friends, go on wild sex-based holidays, and explore the sometimes precarious link between the Sex on the Beach cocktail and actual intercourse amidst the sandy landscape.

Yes, this time of year is clearly made for sexual celebration, but that doesn’t mean that we should sacrifice safety in the midst of the summer sensation.

Don’t worry, we’re not the ‘fun police’ here at Dusk, but we do want everyone to have the safest, most beneficial sexual summer that they possibly can, and that means taking certain things in to consideration.

Let’s get down to some sexy summer logistics.


‘Fun in the Sun’

The sun is a vital aspect of life. If we didn’t have it then we literally wouldn’t be here (as the current failure to find a suitable off-planet colony has proven to us via NASA so far).

On a more personal and nutritional level, the sun provides people with a necessary daily dose of Vitamin D to help maintain good bone health (as Vitamin D is needed to help us absorb calcium and phosphate).

This means that your desire to strip down your layers and get out in nature when the sun is out is more than just wanderlust. Your body is literally telling you on a primal level to get your daily dose of Vitamin D in. Oh, the wonders of human evolution.

Exposing you bare arms and legs to the sun for a reasonable period (about half the time before it naturally takes to burn) is sufficient for most people daily, though countries with duller autumn and winters months may need to supplement during this time.

But, remember, too much sun exposure can also be a bad thing and prolonged exposure to UV rays is strongly linked to skin cancer.

If you find that you like showing off how inherently attractive you are in summer by showing off more skin (to entice others, for your own confidence, or both) then just make sure that you use sun screen in order to avoid increasing your cancer risk along the way.

Apply sun screen lotion generously and frequently and go in to the shade when you feel your skin overheating.

For extra sexy points why not get someone else to rub the lotion in, making sure to buy a brand with an aroma that you find alluring.


‘Sex on the Beach’

Ah, we’ve all been there. We’ve had the cocktail, we’ve jammed along with the song and now we want some of the action for ourselves.

But is sex on the beach really all it’s cut out to be?

The answer is likely no (sorry folks). Beaches often have a lot of fine, grainy sand and that can be very uncomfortable if it gets in intimate places. Bump bits on a beach and you might find yourself with sore genitals at the very best and internal tears and infection risks at the worst.

There’s also the matter of public exposure, which is its own beast to (sometimes willingly) navigate, adding to the risk of getting frisky in the sand.

Yes, you could potentially move your activities off into the sea but water is a poor lubricant, salt water will help even more effectively get grainy sea grit where you don’t want it, and the local sea creatures might just decide they want to get in on the fun too (jelly fish stings don’t make for a happy fuck).

Our advice? If you’re really invested in the notion of a seaside fuck then try to rent an apartment or suite with a direct view or walk-off to the beach and have fun from a more comfortable space. This way you get to enjoy the rush and swell of the tide while also having a safe orgasm that happily mirrors its crashing intensity.

Just don’t try substituting the sex with a Jacuzzi. Trust us here.


Being ‘Beach Body Ready’

Oh boy. Forgive us but we had to talk about this one.

A guaranteed ploy that comes around every summer is the trend to get women (yes, almost exclusively women) to be ‘beach body ready’.

What a steaming load of summer manure.

Here’s the secret to being ‘beach body ready’ (as offered by us and pretty much anyone out there who believes in equality):

Have a body.

Go to the beach.

Oh and, apply sunscreen as needed.

(We may have added that last part).

Getting down to earth for a moment, we recognise that sometimes the pressure to conform to a certain shape, weight, or visual ideal can be tough. The temptation to succumb can be intense and the empowerment offered online might not always seem easy to implement.

Plus sometimes (whether as result of social conditioning and norms or not) you do just find that, personally, going through a reduction of body fat percentage (note here ‘body fat percentage’ not necessarily ‘weight’ nor ‘all fat’) is something that you find benefits you, both mentally and physically.

If you actually like the feeling of using the summer months to work on this aspect of yourself and reap the benefits then we are in no position to judge you. Far from it, any step we take out of self love and a desire to amplify our own feelings of ‘hot AF’ should be championed. But that’s the crux of the matter: What is important here is intent.

If you find that you’re feeling pressure during summer to look a certain way or that you’re not ‘good enough’ or ‘sexy enough’ unless you change yourself in some manner, then it’s that sense of distress that is unhealthy and that you might need to notice and reconsider.

Rather than trying to conform in your instance perhaps it would be better to challenge society (and yourself) by finding your self-empowerment and sexual confidence in other, more productive outlets, such as purchasing a bikini or summer dress that makes you feel almost as steaming as the summer heat.

No matter your personal approach to the ‘beach body’ we feel like it’s important to challenge the judgement that gets attached to summer aesthetics and to problematize the notion that there is only one way to have a sexually desire beach body.

Criticising the looks and sexual value of others is never welcome, no matter the time of year.


The Final Rays of Daylight

That ends the brunt of our sexy summer advice.

Of course please do make sure to drink responsibly, always carry protection, and all the other good stuff that we know you’re sensible enough to do anyway.

Oh and for those of you out there on outdoor adult filming shoots (amateur or otherwise): Make sure to stock up on extra sun screen and increased water bottles for all crew members.

Have fun everyone!


Emmeline Peaches 

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