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Sexy Foods in the Bedroom

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Sexy Foods in the Bedroom

Bringing food into the bedroom seems like a really sexy idea but there are a few things you need to consider beforehand. We’re digging into it!

By Rebecca Dane, A Couple of Kinks

First, you need to prepare for a mess. Put down a towel or protector of some sort that is easy to throw in the wash. Second, leave enough time to experiment and then cleanup any food residues. Third, pick what you’re using. Technically, you can use anything but we wouldn’t suggest it. Some foods items are just way more sensual than others. If you’re looking for ideas, this list might just help you out. Please note that you should never insert food into a vagina and that sugary products should not come into contact with a vulva.

Fruits like cherries or grapes aren’t too sexy on your body but they can be incredibly sensual when fed to each other. Any fruit can be used, but bite-sized ones are the best for making the least mess. If you aren’t too fussed about getting sticky, then mango is super juicy and can be highly erotic.

Ice Cubes!
If you’re sweating up a storm, ice cubes are a great way to cool everything down. The cold touch will also cause a unique sensation, especially on more sensitive regions like your nipples. If you aren’t convinced that ‘ice cubes’ count as a food, then freeze some berries instead.

One of the best parts of playing with food is that you get to immediately burn off the calories... Joint cleanup showers are an added bonus, too!

You know how eating chocolate makes you happy? Eating chocolate off of your partner’s body will make you even happier. Melt some chocolate (don’t make it too hot though) and drizzle some on the skin. Your brain will thank you for it. If you aren’t so sure about melted chocolate, then pick up a jar of Nutella.

Caramel Sauce!
Who doesn’t love caramel sauce? They never seem to put enough in your drinks at a café. Well, fear not, because if you use caramel sauce in the bedroom you are sure to get your fix. As a bonus, it won’t drip so you can target specific body parts without making a mess.
Sexy food
Peanut Butter!
If you do a search online, you’ll notice that peanut butter is constantly suggested as a bedroom food. Although it might not be the sexiest food, the convenience of it makes it stand out. Most people have peanut butter in their kitchen cupboard, so a mid-session dash to the pantry might have you grabbing it more often than you think.

Whipped Cream!
Classic for a reason, whipped cream is definitely something you have to try once in your life. Please note that a bottle straight from the fridge will produce a cold surprise. Spray some on your bodies or in your mouths before sharing a kiss, or even just add some to the fruit you’re using to feed each other.

Coconut Oil!
Coconut oil is an anomaly because it can honestly be used for most things, including cooking, moisturizing, lubricating. Also: massaging. It is a natural alternative to massage oils or oil-based lubricants. It is also edible. We wouldn’t recommend eating too much of it, but if you’re massaging your partner you can definitely get in a few good licks. (Please note that you should research coconut oil prior to using it as a lubricant as it is not compatible with most condoms).

Speaking of lubricants, there is a whole range of flavoured lubricants available to enhance your pleasure. Intended for oral sex, you can also use these to add some flavour to your skin. Buying a mix-flavour sample pack could be a fun way to dig in. Always make sure the ingredients are safe, first!

You don’t have to stick to the listed foods, but they are a great place to start. If you want to be adventurous and explore with other foods, then totally go for it! As mentioned, make sure to avoid insertion and any sugar near the vulva.

Rebecca Dane


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