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Something different than sleepwalking or mumble during your sleep.

Sexual activities during your sleep also known as sexomnia. According to British research 1 out of 10 has some experience with it. An interesting result thinks Dr. Guy Meadows, one of the researchers.

Along with Bensons for Bed Dr. Meadows did research in a survey of 13.000 adults in the UK. Besides sleepsex people also paid a visit to the toillet and eating, all during their sleep. They determined that certain eating and/or drinking habits have an influence on this. For example; Drinking alcohol before you go to sleep, will result in that you don’t have a deep sleep.

It appears that the brains stay in a state between sleeping and being awake. De person in this case does things in during sleeping without knowing about it. So if someone is masturbating or makes a move to have sex with his/her partner, it could well be that this person is actually asleep.

It appears that men have this three times more often than women according to the research of the Toronto Western Hospital, Canada. It even seems to be that women most of the time masturbate when they have sexomnia and men want to do the act itself. People have this, most of the time also have other problems with sleeping like sleep apnea and/or lack of sleeping. The cause of sexomnia is an attack related to sleep can result in the situation that someone gets aroused or even has an orgasm.  

If you have problems with it (we cannot imagine that you have) you can do something to get rid of it according to Dr. Michel Cramer-Bornemann from the Regional Sleeping Disorder Centre in Minnesota; Avoid drinking and drugs, stop smoking, try to lose some weight and be careful with sleeping pills.

Source: Bustle

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