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Sex trends you can expect in 2018

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Sex trends you can expect in 2018

These sexual experiences are going to be hot this year!

By Rebecca Dane

Want to know what to look forward to in 2018? Here are just some of the awesome things that you’re going to be seeing way more of.


1. Consent

This is definitely the number one topic of this entire list. It’s going to be so major this year, that it probably could just support this list all by itself. Discussions about consent are not going away anytime soon. In fact, a lot of people are talking about “consent culture” and starting conversations about consent in all aspects of life – including forcing your kid to give relatives hugs/kisses. If you’re not sure what enthusiastic consent is, do a quick online search. Consent is more than just not saying “no.”


2. Non-Monogamy

Ask me about monogamy at a party, and you won’t be able to get me to stop! Non-monogamy has always been a thing, but it has now positively come into the spotlight. Having positive examples of different forms of non-monogamy is going to normalize it, and it’s just going to be a big snowball effect. This doesn’t necessarily mean polyamoury – non-monogamy includes a spectrum of relationship styles and situations.


3. Sex parties and Sex clubs

While people start to explore non-monogamy, there is bound to be a rise in group sex events. These are safe spaces in which you and your partner can explore different dynamics and different boundaries. You don't have the pressure of actively searching for other people to participate with – if you head to a sex club, you’re going to leave with some kind of experience, even if it was just watching other people engage in sexual activities. Our recommendation is to talk to someone who has been to one so you know a little bit about what to expect and what the general rules are.


4. Moldable Sex Toys

There are already a couple sex toys out there that can change shapes!  The Crescendo has eight different motors in it and has several different positions you can put it in. The Dodil becomes pliable after being soaked in hot water so you can change it into a shape that works for you. Keep a lookout for more toys that can be personalized.


5. 50 Shades

Whether you hate it or love it, the final movie of the trilogy is coming to a theatre near you! This means another round of light BDSM taking over the mainstream conversations about sex. More people buying sex toys and sex accessories! More people talking about kinky things! More people exploring! It’s the last one, so get ready for a whole lot of BDSM articles.


6. Pleasure-based Sex Education

Sex education is still severely lacking in so many parts of the world, however there are sex educators that are fighting for there to be an emphasis on pleasure. Too often, people just learn about the mechanics behind sex, without the emotional or pleasurable part. This can be very problematic (it was for me), and so sex educators are trying to change the way sex is taught. Please-based sex ed is pretty revolutionary, and you’ll be hearing more about it in 2018.


7. Sex Robots

It is the way of the future! Sex and porn drive so many electronic inventions, that no one is really surprised that sex robots are going to become a thing. Frankly, I’m a little surprised it has taken so long. It is unlikely they won’t be available to the masses by the end of 2018, but expect discussions involving consent, monogamy, and emotions. 


8. Teledildonics

Not quite a sex robot, but still pretty neat. Teledildonics is when you can control sex toys over blue tooth or online platforms. Some like We-Vibe are targeted to be used between couples that have some distance between them. Some like Lovesense and Kiiroo are targeted for online performances. 2017 saw a steep rise in the amount of toys like this available, so we can only expect more companies to hop on board, improve the technology and lower the prices.


9. Body-Positivity and Self Love

Get ready for more radical thoughts and visibility about body-positivity and self-love. These have been thankfully trending upwards, but the blogging and Instagram community often skips out on the sexy parts of these movements. 2018 is a year that more people are going to be proud to be sexual, with nothing holding them back!


10.  Butt Stuff

Does butt stuff ever go out of style? One year, it won’t make the list because it’ll be so normal and typical that everyone does butt stuff. We aren’t quite there yet, but 2018 is going to bring us one step closer. We’re not just talking about anal sex. We’re talking about everything to do with butts, on any person, in any relationship, that enjoys it!


I don’t know about you, but I think 2018 is looking pretty good so far!








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