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Sex tips For runners

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Sex tips For runners

Key tips for people who love running and having sex.

By Emmeline Peaches

Boston, Brighton and London Marathon have come and passed with some glorious results, amazing stories, and truly inspirational moments. All the excitement of the marathon season is enough to get even dedicated couch potatoes thinking of taking a casual jog around their local streets, and you definitely should!

Running is a great form of recreational fitness. It’s free, it’s an incredibly natural movement, and it does wonders for cardiovascular health, blood pressure, and so much more.

Having said that, anyone who finds that they want to ‘up their miles’ on the pavement might notice that doing so effects other aspects of life, including socializing, work, and sex.

Running is great.

Running and then having your partner decide they want to try out this new highly flexible and energy-intensive sex position? Not so much.

So, what are the key tips that runners (or those wanting to run) might need to keep in mind when it comes to their passion for pounding the pavement and passion for being pounded in other ways? Let’s cover a few of the need-to-knows together.


#1 Factor in Soreness If Scheduling Sex

If you’re planning to increase the time, distance, or intensity of your runs (especially if you’re new to it) then chances are you’re going to feel sore for the next few days.

This is actually a really good sign in terms of your overall goals. Essentially in order for muscles to get stronger they need to tear and then repair. The result of this is a stronger, more efficient body, but with that comes DOMS.

DOMS is the delayed onset muscle soreness of this process and it can happen 24 to 72 hours after an intense workout. Again, this is good in terms of development and feedback of your progress (soreness = it’s working and you’re getting better) but it does mean that you may not be able to get in to particular sexual positions, nor even want to have sex.

The solution to this? Expect DOMS and plan for it.

Not every running session will be a killer but if you know you’ve got a hard one planned then consider opting for different sexual positions, plan a mutual masturbation session, or even pre-emptively consider giving sex a miss for those few days.

The good news is that as you improve DOMS will hit less and less, so don’t worry about long-term soreness. You shouldn’t be pushing yourself too hard all the time anyway.


#2 Don’t Engage In Sex or Heavy Play Soon After a Long Run

Long runs are a stable for any runner planning for a 10k upwards. These runs will be done on the weekend and will be a run done at a very easy pace over the duration for 45 minutes or more.

These runs, although typically comfortable, tend to burn a lot of calories, can leave the body aching, and can cause a lot of blood flow and lactic acid in the body.

For this reason it’s ill-advised to have vigorous sex on long run days. Chances are if your long runs are clocking in at 2-4 hours a pop then you won’t want to either.

The priority on these days is to refuel, rehydrate, and recover. Take in what you’ve learnt from that run and rest.

Masturbation or gentle sessions might still be possible but rope play and other intense BDSM should be avoided altogether. This is a safety point: Your body will not be in a state to be bound or feel sensations accurately at first. Please don’t risk it.


#3 Do Your Kegel Exercises

Every step on the pavement strengthens your body, but it also strains it in places, and your pelvic floor muscles are the primary ones that can suffer from running.

Just as you cross train to supplement your running health, be sure to do your kegel exercises to supplement your overall and sexual health.

The best way to do this? Clench and release the muscles over a few minutes, increasing the duration or hold over time.

To identify the muscles try stopping your pee mid-flow (once or twice, no more beyond that). Once you’ve identified them then pick a time of day to regularly practice clenching and releasing these muscles. Your orgasms will thank you for it.


#4 Stretch and Foam Roll For All Kinds of Benefits

Stretching and foam rolling helps prevent injuries, alleviates muscle soreness, and makes you a better and happier runner.

Know what it also does?

Increases flexibility and bodily awareness.

Start and maintain a regular stretching practice around your running – dynamic stretches prior to a run and static stretching and foam rolling afterwards. Not only will your running improve but the increased range of motion in your limbs will work wonders when mounting a partner, trying to angle that sex toy, or getting in to a creative pose.

Trust us when we say that the more you know your body the more you’ll enjoy it.

Perks of being a runner.

Aaaand, finally…


#5 Plan Dates and Romantic Evenings as Run Rewards Together

Sex and kink might be off the cards on long run days but you know what aren’t?

Massages, gentle walks, comfortable cosy moments on the sofa, bubble baths, extravagant (high carb) meals out and so much more.

If your body needs to recover then why not use that time to have creative and romantic moments with your partner/s.

Not only will these be brilliant in terms of recovery but they’re also inherently intimate, encourage relaxed communication, and give you both/all a chance to show how much you care about and appreciate each other.

It’s essentially a win/win and an absolute dream day for a hardworking runner who’s aiming for their next PB.


The Last Lap

That’s all for the tips but, just before we go, we’d like to offer you our encouragement and support for your efforts. Whether you’re running for your own reasons or running for a cause/charity, the act of running is an incredibly powerful one.

To run (or engage in any physical activity) is to engage in a firm and assertive act of self-care and we believe such actions are incredibly important to a balanced and happy life.

Keep on being an inspiration and run towards your goals, be they Boston or bedroom related.


Emmeline Peaches 


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