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Sex Robots and You: What Developments In Sex Tech May Mean For Us All

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Sex Robots and You: What Developments In Sex Tech May Mean For Us All

Many sex tech developments and innovations are coming...

By Emmeline Peaches

Most of the world will remember the first time they saw an actual robot on TV. High chance is that is tried to kick a ball only to topple over, or went to climb up some stairs only to tumble back down. The mechanical mishaps of robot-kind has been known for a while now, and is even the source of many a fabulous fail compilation.

So it’s perhaps surprising that we’ve come so far in the world of sex toy tech that a man actually married his robot creation last month, after determining she was the woman (machine?) for him.

Futurama was ahead of the curve in anticipating where our technology would lead us but, let’s face it, this was an inevitability. Technology is something that we’ve always innovated to help us in new and exciting endeavours and that includes adult tech too. After all, what’s the point of reaching new horizons if we don’t enjoy ourselves along the way?

The Future Is Now

And sex robots got yet another boost last month when the £20billion sex tech industry unveiled the most realistic (and, at $15,000, pricey) sex robot known to date.

Named ‘Harmony’ and produced by Abyss Creations, this sex robot offer more than just physical conversation - being capable of remembering traits about its user, carry on a conversation, and work towards replicating a relationship too. Harmony can also apparently ‘retain heat’ in the G Spot area, the benefits of which has been experienced with warming a stroker for years.

These new developments in the world of sex robots signals a new and exciting time, where sex toys can provide a sense of immersion and intimate attachment to a broad range of individuals.

So what implications do we hope this will have in the coming years? Here are just a few things we can see coming…

People Will Have Access to Judgement-Free Companionship

Some people, for one reason or another, may find that they haven’t been especially lucky in love. Alternatively someone might have lost a loved one later in life and want to have a form of companionship without committing to another individual.

Sex robots, like any other adult product, are not replacements for nor interchangeable proxies for human interaction and anatomy, but they can still provide some emotional and physical sensations which can be of great value to the user.

Companionship is one such trait that sex robots offer where other sex tech might fall short.

The ability to not just be sexually intimate, but also generally intimate with an adult product will allow some people the physical and emotional contact that they sorely need when other options simply aren’t suitable.

This cannot be underappreciated and should never be a point of ridicule. We all like to cuddle and converse every now and then.

Couples Can Explore Their Relationship Further

Working outside of the guidelines of monogamy has become increasingly popular over the years (and with reason). Regardless many people are still absolutely, uncompromisingly faithful to each other. This is wonderful, but it doesn’t always stop desire or curiosity from entering your relationship.

Much like any other sex toy, a sex robot would allow couples such as this to explore different sensations together without having to bring in an additional (unwanted) individual.

This can help satisfy the thrill of something such as a threesome without coming with any of the emotional implications of obligations that some individuals simply don’t want to engage in.

Further than this, such an experience could allow you to talk about your relationship and open up in new and unexpected ways. No matter what emerges you’ll be able to address it together on your own terms, opening whole new doors for your relationship.

Porn May Become More Interactive

Imagine if rather than simply observing a scene you were actually part of it. Envision feeling your pornographic paramour as your run your fingers across their body. Just the thought is gripping.

Of course, this would take some very specific developments, but the adult industry has already invested heavily in interactive pornography using VR (virtual reality) so we can definitely see this becoming a thing.

This would also feed in to the above two developments that we hope will happen too; a combination of benefits merged with our area of expertise. We can’t help but smile at the prospect.

Other Sex Toys Will Improve

If the general rule of technology has taught us anything it’s that innovation at the forefront of any tech-based device will eventually filter down the line to everyday products too.

Want proof? Just think of iPods, tablets, and smartphones—all of which seemed so exclusive at first but are now part of our everyday lives.

This, we imagine, will lead to more accessible and affordable adult products also getting a tech boost. More self-heating strokers. Additional ways to interact with devices. Better materials and overall progression in terms of a natural-feeling experience.

The specifics are yet to come, but the potential is here right now and, frankly, we can’t wait.

And That’s All For Now!

What do you think of all this? Are sex robots yet another adult product or is there something more to these products? And, if so, what does that mean for us in your opinion?

Wherever your opinions land one thing is for sure—sex robots are officially here and they’re not going anywhere.


Door Emmeline Peaches





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