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Sex Machines Museum

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Sex Machines Museum

A sneak peek into the only museum in the world devoted to sexual gadgetry.

We welcome you to Prague. Near the Old Town Square, if one is “into” such a thing, there lies a museum full of sexy devices and contraptions all designed to make sexual pleasure a little more mechanical. 


BDSM masks


Perhaps that description makes the objects displayed in this erotic collection sound a little impersonal, but no worries—if a contraption in the collection is hard to wrap your brain around, the museum has been kind enough to wrap a flexible dummy around it to further demonstrate its use. Opening its doors in 2002 it is, to date, the only museum in the world dedicated to sex machines and sex machines exclusively. 


Antimasturbation Machine


The museum has over 200 sexy-time contraptions, spread out over three floors of space. Alongside the copulation tables, iron corsets and assorted stimulation doodads, you will find a smattering of sex-related artifacts, some dating back as far as the early 16th century. There are also shoes worn by ancient Greek prostitutes, human sexuality photos, an unsettlingly large erotic apparatus from a German women’s prison created to placate “fervent feelings” of the inmates, and some of the earliest pornos ever filmed. 


A seesaw-like device


A women pleaser


The museum was popular from the get-go, but city officials found it “disagreeable.” Unsurprisingly, this made it all the more appealing, especially among tourists from more sexually-repressed locations. 

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Source: Atlas Obscura




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