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Sex is the solution

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Sex is the solution

The number of burn-outs has been doubled over the last few years, do something about it!

Doctors and psychologists are being asked massively by people looking for the solution of their burn-out. What is the case? Intimacy is a very important element according to the motivational speaker and expert Willemijn van Dommelen.

Sex results in the release of endorphin and dopamine; These will result that the hormone cortisol (which are associated with stress and burn-outs) normalizes. Unfortunately sex is the first thing which we take of our to-do list when we’re busy. We already have to do so many things that sex is not a priority. It would be so good for our mind to have sex frequently to charge yourself!

Also humor and sports are on the list of tips of Willemijn. Physical activities helps your recovery and how much fun is it to have a fun in bed for half an hour! She pledges for more intimacy as an important step to avoid a burnout.  

We can only follow that conclusion but more intimacy without having a burnout doesn’t hurt.


Source: Nina

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