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Personal Photography

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Personal Photography

Taking Effective Erotic Photos.

By Emmeline Peaches


The power of the lens is one that has captured mankind’s fascination for many years.
And, from photography’s very first conception, people have been using it to create smut.

Well, we say ‘smut’ but perhaps ‘sexual exploits would be more accurate’. Nineteenth century photography, for example involved incredibly experimental, often playful, moments of candid erotica which run the roster in terms of kink and adult delights.


The Here and Now

Compared to the early photographers (and photographic subjects) many of us now consider ourselves well-versed with photography in one way or another. Our smartphones typically come equipped with decent rudimentary lenses allowing us to tweet, Instagram, and (importantly) private message to our heart’s content.

Entry-level cameras and DSLRs are also available at relatively affordable prices and tutorials on how to best use them are a simple Google search away. All of this means that now, more than ever, people can become their own erotic photographers – framing their own bodies in an act of self-loving revelry and/or documenting the exploits and appearance of others or themselves during the act.

But how does one best go about creating the perfect erotic photoshoot? Here are a few of our top tips for different scenarios.


The Basics

Whether you’re taking photos of your favourite Instagram-able cuisine or making yourself the main course of choice, there are some key elements of photography that remain consistent among all subject matter and it pays to keep them in mind.

Equipment: When first starting out don’t think that you need to buy the most fancy, expensive, and complex equipment available on the market.  Believe it or not, most cameras do a good job at helping you through those first environmental stages, as do affordable entry-level cameras. The only thing you may want to invest in is an applicable tripod for your ‘camera’ of choice and some lighting to help get the effects that you want. Speaking of which…

Lighting: Lighting really does matter and you’ll want to consider it in every instance. Natural lighting is typically the best to work with, but even a brilliantly bright sun can sometimes hinder a shoot. If you don’t have good lighting considerations then researching and investing in the right set-up might be wise, especially if you prefer highly detailed shots (as opposed to the dim or semi-grainy shots that some people do still really adore).

Mode: Chances are even a phone will come with different modes intended to provide optimal settings for the conditions you’re working with, so make sure to learn and utilize these modes wherever possible.

Close-up shots, for example, do very well with a macro mode but, if you want to really showcase your stunning looks, a so-called ‘Beauty Face’ setting might be best for you. Become the master of the modes and your photos will improve as a result. Vanilla photography tips aside, time to get a bit kinkier…


Showcasing Your Self(ie)

If you’re working with a phone your photography style of choice might be the iconic ‘selfie’ and that’s 100% awesome. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise then they clearly don’t appreciate the greatness of your erotic prowess and your desire to document it, so pay them no mind and, instead, consider these top tips:

Privacy: You don’t have to be anonymous when shooting a selfie, but if you’re in a new relationship, work in a professional (or especially conservative) field, or simply value personal agency when it comes to your shoots it may be worth considering privacy. If you decide that you want your sexy shots to have a degree of mystery them make sure that you never take a clear shot of your face and obscure any identifying features. We’re talking jewellery, tattoos, distinctive piercings – anything that people who ‘know you’ may be immediately familiar with.

This can be part of the fun, as you come up with creative ways to conceal what you don’t wish to disclose, so take it as part of the performative process of your selfie sessions and go nuts.

Persona: Let’s face it – very few of us ‘pucker up’ in our daily lives like we do when taking a photo. There is always a sense of performance and the creation of a persona in place, so use this to your advantage. Think about how you want to present yourself and begin taking photos that are in line with your desires. Be playful, be creative, don’t feel like you must conform to what others have done (unless you want to) and let your sexy persona feed in to your photographic one.

Do this in combination with the photography basics and you should be set (oh, and maybe get a ‘selfie stick’. They’re cringe-worthy in theory but they really do work in practice).


Capturing Others

Being trusted to take erotic photos of someone else is an amazing and highly intimate experience, so we understand your desire to get it just right. Here’s what we suggest in such situations:

Composition: When leading an erotic photoshoot, it’s important that both you and the subject discuss what you want from the shoot and how you wish to achieve the intended outcome. Once you’ve had this discussion we highly recommend that you consider a few compositions and positions in advance so that you can get the best possible outcome from the situation that you wish to enact.There are many moments sexually where ‘winging it’ may seem like the wisest option. Erotic photoshoots aren’t one of them.

Natural Beauty: That being said, never underestimate the natural beauty of your subject. Never aim for anything overly artificial or tacky. Austin Powers may have made it work, but this isn’t the movies.

Of course, you can encourage your subject to strike a pose, but much more meaningful (and aesthetically satisfying) are those moments where you are able to encourage, and subsequently capture the natural beauty of the person who has trusted you with this task.


Capturing the Moment

Capturing a sexual experience for erotic posterity is perhaps one of the most thrilling and emotionally surreal experience. It’s not often we see ourselves united in sexual encounters from an outside perspective, but making sure your shots are good can sometimes help process things with more clarity and appreciation.

Set the Scene: Before your sexual partner/s and you enter the scene it’s important to make sure that the scene itself is right for you.

Set up the cameras/phones beforehand and see what the lighting conditions are like in the room. If needed then adjust to your preference.

Consider furniture, sheets, pillows, and sex toy placement (if needed). Angle will also be important: Can you see every part of the body and room that you wish? Are you able to get good shots while both sitting and standing? What’s the best place to stand to get the perfect shot of that rope bind?

All things that are important to consider.

Get the settings right on your camera too. You’d hate to start and then suddenly find your entire session was nothing but a single shot (or, worst, none).

But, once you have everything in place then you get to…

Enjoy: When capturing sexual activities the activities will often do the talking for you. Get the framing right, enjoy the rest of the night, and the shots will be a delight! It’s as simple as that.

We hope you have fun with your photographic endeavours but, just to reiterate, no matter what approach you take, make sure to enjoy yourself! Trust us when we say you’re already sexy as hell: a well-placed camera will simply be witness to your natural erotic allure.


Emmeline Peaches 


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