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Naked activities around the world

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Naked activities around the world

If you want to get naked with hundreds of people also getting naked… we’ve got your back!

By Rebecca Dane

If you want to get naked with hundreds of people also getting naked… we’ve got your back. These events happen annually or monthly and draw in large crowds of people that just want to get naked! Sometimes for fun, sometimes for a good cause, and sometimes for both!

Check out the events below to see what kind of nude events are happening near you – maybe you’ll want to sign up for one!


1. World Naked Bike

Possibly one of the more popular naked events is a bike ride that happens in cities around the world, where people bike nude (or “as bare as you dare”). The goals of the event include “celebrate cycling and the human body” as well as demonstrating how vulnerable it can be to be a cyclist on the road. In the southern hemisphere the main ride date is in March, but in the northern hemisphere there is still time to sign up as the main rides are happening on June 9, 2018.


2. Body Painting Events

Body painting is a great way to start getting comfortable being naked in front of others, because you don’t really end up being naked – you end up being covered in paint! There are organizations like the Human Connection Arts organization in New York that specialized in body painting events, all for a good cause. Their mission is to build a community of acceptance, create interactive art, and inspire human connection. Uhh… could it sound any better? Each year they have a theme and the theme for 2018 is “Movement.” NYC body painting day is July 14, 2018 but there are plenty of other events throughout the year. There are also organizations outside of New York that host similar events!


3. Naked Boys Reading and Naked Girls Reading

These two organizations have a far different reach, but the idea is for people to get on stage and read in the nude in front of a live audience! The Naked Girls Reading site says that there is something beautiful and more intimate about a woman reading while completely nude, and that there isn’t much more of a reason for the events than that. The Naked Boys Reading happens on a regular basis in London, Berlin and Ottawa (Canada). The Naked Girls Reading happens frequently in more than 20 international cities. Apparently July 5th is “International Read Naked Day,” so you can celebrate with these groups, or just spend the day naked at home (both are good options, really).


4. Nude Cruise

If you really want to dive deeply into the nude lifestyle, then there is no better place than on a cruise where everyone is comfortable being nude! Cruises like Bare Necessities are welcoming environments to try out your nudist desires. There aren’t swinger cruises, they’re just nudist cruises. One of the best parts? You won’t have to worry about what to pack!


5. The Sydney Skinny

You’re going to have to wait to sign up for this one as it just happened in March, but the Sydney Skinny is all about naked ocean swimming for a good cause. This year they raised money for brain cancer research. The event is private, which means it is blocked off to spectators and you can choose to swim 300 metres or 800 metres.  The goals behind the swim, besides raising money, is for “everyone to come out of the ocean feeling more optimistic, happier, and connected.”


6. World Gardening Day

On the first Saturday of May, the world becomes a greener and more naked place. In an annual tradition, nudists garden in the nude! While it does have a founder, the day does not belong to any one particular organization. The goal of the day is to be in nature, as nature intended.


7. Attend a Convention

If you’re into the nudist lifestyle (or maybe if you want to learn more about it), you are in luck because there are nudist conventions that take place around the world. For example, the AANR hosts conventions around the United States, from California to Vermont.


Getting naked for a cause is a great way to start your journey into public nudity! Even if it just happens once.

There were quite a few nude events that are no longer happening (sledding, pumpkin races, running in protest of running with the bulls, etc) but let us know if we did miss one that is still happening in 2018. Hopefully some of the discontinued ones make a comeback!



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