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Masturbate much?

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Masturbate much?

Does your sex life affect how often you masturbate?

Can the sex men having with their girlfriends determine how often they take matters into their own hands—erm, hand? The answer might be more complicated than you think, a new study from University of Texas at Austin and Brigham Young University suggests.

Researchers looked at survey data from 7,600 men between the ages of 18 and 60 who were asked whether or not they had masturbated in the past two weeks, how often they had sex during that time, and if they were happy with the action they were getting.

It’s not exactly shocking that 61 percent of guys admitted to masturbating within the past two weeks. As it turns out, how often you get laid isn’t really linked to how often you have solo sex. People who did and didn’t get off on their own had similar amounts of sex, the researchers found.

That changed slightly when they took sexual satisfaction into account: Men who reported being happy with their sex lives were just as likely to masturbate, regardless of how often they got laid or not. But guys who were less satisfied with their sex lives had the highest masturbation rates.

Translation: A guy’s tendency to masturbate may rely more on whether he actually likes the sex they’re having, rather than how often they actually do it.

If you’re having regular sex—and loving every minute of it—masturbation has the ability to complement what you’re doing in bed, the study authors say.

Bottom line: Some sexual alone time can benefit you beyond the bedroom. Whether you are a guy or a girl. You may want to try today’s Cum&Go.


Source: Men’s Health



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