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Is bouncy sex the best sex?

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Is bouncy sex the best sex?

Let’s talk about the vigorous jiggly, wobbling and bouncing motions that many people cherish in the bedroom.

By Emmeline Peaches

Despite the rather sporadic weather the world has been experiencing recently, it is generally agreed that  right now the Western world is in its spring months (just about to shift in to summer).

On the other hand, what could potentially be more springy than the erratic bouncing patterns of the world’s current problematic weather conditions or, for that matter sex?


Sex and Spring

The word ‘spring’ and the act of sex are practically bedfellows with one often quite literally leading to the other. No, we’re not talking the season anymore but, instead, the vigorous jiggly, wobbling and bouncing motions that many people cherish in the bedroom.

When a lot of people think of sex they think of firm thrusts, the playful jiggling of breasts, balls, and body parts and the wear and tear that is near-deliberately done to the bedsprings. In fact, when you think about it a certain ‘springiness’ is pretty much expected in some people’s love lives. But does that mean springy sex is the best sex? If not then what are the alternatives? And, if so, what are some of the springiest examples out in the modern world?


Is Bounce In The Bedroom Necessary?

Not to give away the ending of this article too soon but No: There is no inherent requirement to a pleasurable, satisfied, and fulfilling sex life. If you enjoy the type of sex you are having, no matter whom it is with, what shape or style it takes, or what objects or fetishes may or may not be involved, and all involved are mutually satisfied then that’s all that matters. You have, at that point, achieved a sense of sexual happiness and honesty that can and will trump any bounce.

That being said, there’s certainly enjoyment to be had in a bouncing sensation, bouncing visuals, or even the notions ‘feeling bouncy’ or playfully springy when engaging in sexual acts.


Bouncy Benefits

From a visual perspective, many people find the appeal of the bounce in their partners erogenous zones - specifically the breast or public bulge that some might have. Some even have a specific preference towards certain kinds of bouncy aesthetic - such as surgically enhanced breasts, additional body fat, or a well-trained booty. The bounce and novelty of the ‘twerking booty’ was so popular that it even gained its own virtual  sex toy creation, which could be purchased at a high price from some retailers.

Physically some  sex positions offer more bounce and might actually be preferred as a result. Cowgirl, for example, offers the person on top the option of ‘bounce’ up and down at their pace. Due to this it is considered a great position for a starting individual to intercourse, as it allows for more control over angle, speed, and depth, while still providing a lot of variety in all of those regards. The way bodies feel when bouncing during sex can also be appealing to all those involved. Bodies are fundamentally meant to move, and vigorous activity that  gets the skin and body jiggling can release a lot of feel-good chemicals in to the bloodstream.

Bouncy sex toys and sex furniture also offer some additional supplemental benefits that physical sex acts might otherwise lack or only deliver with struggle and/or risk of injury.

Inflatable sex furniture, for example, adds additional bounce and energy to a session while also enabling angles that might be inaccessible or difficult of certain body types. Even for those who can do those positions without difficulty, the added bounce and subtle angle changes can still be very fun.

Savvy kegel exercisers will also know of ‘jiggle balls’: A type of kegel exerciser with small balls on the inside of their larger main ball section. These tinier balls provide a springy jiggling sensation with every motion, making doing ones pelvic floor exercises a breeze (plus there are anal versions too).

Then, of course, there are inflatable sex dolls, which are naturally bouncy and springy in nature. These are not for everyone but they certainly shouldn’t be vilified. It’s fair to say that there is no experience out there that can truly replicate that of playing with an inflatable sex doll, so why deny someone the right to enjoy that experience shame-free?


The Best Of The Bounce?

In addition to these more conventionally bouncy cravings, there have been some interestingly eccentric springy sex stories out in the world too.

Take, for example, the surprisingly popular fantasy of having sex in a bouncy castle or ball pit. These classically springy places of childhood bliss illicit a sense of thrill and excitement in some adults specifically because they tap in to this nostalgic sense of carefree joy. Plus, let’s face it: There is a certain curiosity in how things would ‘work’ in a bouncy castle.

In general, bouncy castle and ball pits have become more popular and even ‘trendy’ with adults and adult venues and services are now available for private hire. This makes such fantasies a possibility, though it’s important that all areas are properly cleaned before trying anything too intimate. Hygiene is always a priority.

Some ‘sex gurus’ out there have also advised adventurous clients of theirs to think outside of the box and ‘on the ball’, as it were - advising that couples try sex on exercise balls for a new sensation. Again, if this interests you then please do use your own ball, make sure it’s properly cleaned and practice using the ball in non-sexual ways first. Chances are if you can’t stay stable on it when simply sitting then you’re less likely to when there’s lubrication and at least two naked bodies involved.  


Is There No Other Way?

Again, to be dreadfully anticlimactic - of course there is!

Sex is what you make of it and some people don’t even like bouncy sex. A bed that is too bouncy can be a mood killer. A springy session where too people are off-rhythm from each other can just become awkward or, at times, even painful. You never know exactly what will work with what body and that’s fine.


For those who don’t want bouncy sex, don’t feel discouraged. There’s always gentler thrusting motions, rough grinding, subtle sways, playful swirls or any variations of those sex acts.

Preference, enjoyment, communication, and respect are the fundamentals of sex. Get those down and you’ll have a spring in your step one way or another.


Emmeline Peaches 

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