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Is 68 the new 69?

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Is 68 the new 69?

Will this be our new favorite position?

New sex positions are kind of hard to come by. It’s very easy to get caught up in the same positions you always used to use and not experiment. However, if you’re looking for a new sex position to try out, look no further. This sex position is called the 68. We found some articles claiming 68 is the most amazing position, to replace the very popular position 69! We wonder if that is true: is 68 the new 69?

How to

it’s when one person lays down on their back, and the other person lays down on top of them, with their genitals facing their partner’s face and lying back facing the ceiling. The person on the bottom can then give oral sex.

Don’t worry if you can’t picture it, we found you this one. 

First, let’s talk about the 68 sex position. The 68 is a variation of the famous 69 position, where two partners receive and give oral sex at the same time. However, the 68 works a little differently.

The 68 requires a little creative maneuvering. The giving partner has to lie down on their back, while the receiving partner lays on their back on top of the giving partner, facing upward. The receiver’s head goes between the giver’s legs, facing the ceiling, and their genitals go near her mouth. The giver is then free to go to town.

A guy thing

More often than not, women are the givers here. This is because it’s harder to give oral sex to a woman in this way, especially if you’re a guy. However, women in this position are in a good position to do whatever they want to their male partners, especially because they have much better access to everything men are packing in this position.

If you’re a guy, try not to crush your partner. If you’re a man receiving in the 68 position, try and support as much of your body weight as you can on your elbows and forearms. You don’t want to crush someone when you’re in this position, especially considering that while the woman is in a vulnerable position, you’re in a vulnerable position too. After all, they’re not the ones who are in a tight spot with their genitals at that point.

The wrong 68

It can also be called a 68 when you shortchange your partner in some way when it comes to oral sex. “This term can also be used to describe a partner who gives quick and insufficient oral sex, short-changing his partner. Based on the sex position "the 69" where both partners give and receive oral sex simultaneously. In this case since one partner got an "I owe you one" it is 69 minus 1 or 68.”

69 rules!

So is 68 the new 69? It certainly is nice to try new sex positions and it certainly is nice to give oral sex. It certainly is nice to receive oral sex too. For both of us. So while we had fun trying this, for us 69 is still the new 69!


Source: Rebel Circus   



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