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Interview: Luke Hotrod

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Interview: Luke Hotrod

With his erotic look, his divine body full of tattoos and a Dick with a capital D, it’s no wonder Luke is one of our favorite performers. An award-winning one, that is.

The Englishman has been acting since 2013 and is already a famous face... and body in the erotic industry. Oh, Luke Hotrod knows how to pleasure a woman between the sheets. The chemistry he has with his co-stars is one of his many characteristics. In all of his movies we see him bring ecstasy to every woman he touches and how much he enjoys doing so. He can make every woman come... That's why he is our panel's absolute favorite ánd the well-deserved winner of the award for Best Male Performer at the Dusk Porna Awards 2016! 

Luke, again congratulations on winning the award for Best Male Performer 2016. Did you expect to win?
Thank you! No I really didn't expect it. But it was Amazing. Winning always makes me feel great. I've put the award in my office, next to my other awards.

If you were to give the award to another performer, which performer would that be and why?
If I had to choose someone for best male it would be Ryan Rider. He is a great performer, and a good friend. As for the best female… that is of course the great Victoria Summers. She is one of the best! And she is my girlfriend.

What project are you working on now? When can we enjoy it?
I'm working on many projects. A lot of hustler where I perform ánd direct. Will be lots coming from that! But also a big film we are shooting in Budapest for Babes.com, that will be fun!

How do you prepare for a shoot?
Relax is what it's all about for me and chat with the girl. Find out what they like as it always goes better when you both connect and work together.

The Art of Spanking - Erika Lust

And what are your favorite scenes?
I have a few from Erika Lust which I really love, like The Art of Spanking. I also like the scenes I did for Joybear Pictures, like Corporate Bonding. I really enjoy working for both companies and always love the result.

Will you tell us something we would never expect from you ?
Well... I'm a musician, which is something I've done for 27 years. I am a singer/songwriter and a guitarist. Also I love having pets: I have a horse, 2 cats and 2 dogs.

What do you want most in the future?
Happiness! And enjoy my life: marry Victoria and maybe even have a little one, you never know!

We know Luke is gorgeous and a great performer, but his accent will make you lust for him even more! Check out Luke’s interview for XConfessions

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