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How to use sex to beat the autumn blues

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How to use sex to beat the autumn blues

Taking care of your sexual self when the days are shorter.

Many people adore autumn. The colours, various culinary delights, and upcoming gift-giving occasions do a lot to help with this, especially if those gifts are of an adult nature (we’re a big fan of porn memberships as a gift, as you might guess).

But this isn’t always the case. Some people really struggle with autumn, so much so that it can become clinical.


Dark Thoughts on Dark Nights

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling gloomier in the autumn and winter seasons then it might be more than a simple case of the ‘September blues’.

As it happens, there is an official mental health condition attributed to the change of seasons, and more many it’s fall and winter that trigger it for them. Known, as seasonal affective disorder (and abbreviated, perhaps a bit harshly, as SAD), SAD is a mood disorder which causes people to have very prolonged, and/or persisted long moods during the latter months of the year.

SAD sufferers might find themselves with less energy, trouble concentrating, fatigue, an increased inclination to isolate themselves, and a general sense of hopelessness or apathy.

Science isn’t entirely sure what causes SAD but they do suspect a hormonal link. This time of year generally comes with less sun exposure, which means less serotonin production in the body. Serotonin is a ‘happy hormone’ – regulating happiness, anxiety, and generally balancing out our moods – and SAD sufferers can really feel the difference in its absence both physically and mentally.

And, if anyone laughs off the idea of SAD, just refer them to Norway, who have created large public health initiatives to combat the condition, due to just how prevalent it can become.

In short, SAD sucks, and if you suffer from it we sympathize. But autumn doesn’t have to be nothing but darker nights and gloomy days.

Although there are many ways to counteract SAD (a few of which can be found here) we are an adult blog. As such, we’ve gathered together some sexual self-care practices that are specifically designed to target some of the symptoms of SAD. Among them you might just find the one for you.

Engage In Some Food Play

In addition to being considered aphrodisiacs, many foods also have a mild anti-depressant aspect to them, thanks to the various micronutrients that they possess.

Bananas, for example, contain tryptophan – a protein that the body naturally converts in to serotonin. Dark chocolate has also been known to increase mood due to the anandamide contained in it (‘ananda’ literally meaning ‘joy, bliss, or delight’) so why not combine the two to create some fun, sexy self-care?

Let your partner know that you’re interested in eating food off of their body. If they consent then slice up your banana, put it in some interesting places, drizzle on some chocolate and enjoy sampling your mood-boosting meal.

In addition to getting the benefit of the food, you’ll also get to enjoy the sexual context, and can explore how food and an oral experience changes things. Plus there’s nothing to stop your partner sharing in the meal, if it pleases you both, of course.


Give Yourself a Soy Candle Massage

This one is for those that crave some alone-time when they want to practice self-care while still counteracting the effect of SAD, but you can choose to open the experience up, should you wish.

A lot of people find that their SAD symptoms are triggered by the persistent low temperatures of the season. The warmth and glowing ambience of candles works well to counterbalance this, and can create an atmosphere of luxury and nurturance. The fact that candles exist that you can then blow out and use to pamper your body too is the icing on the cake.

Soy massage candles are specially designed to be safe for the skin while still be deliciously warm and comfortable for use, but always make sure that you start with a high drizzle, to determine what heat you’re okay with. Once you find your happy spot you can proactively warm your body while also giving it focus, attention, and muscles treatment.

Massage is one of the recommended methods to counter SAD, so in addition to being warming and great for self-love you can rest assured that a soy candle treatment is good for the body and mind.


Purchase Warming Products (Treat Yo’Self!)

If you know that cold is a trigger for you (and it does help to identify triggers) then schedule in a day out where you visit various different sex shops and buy yourself a few warming treats.

These can be lubricants, oils, candles, or even a fancy self-warming sex toy. Glass toys may not seem like an immediate first choice but they’re also great for SAD, as they can be warmed up prior to use.

And, yes: We are going to be strict on the fact that you go to an actual sex shop to buy these items.

Serotonin levels are directly affected by how much daylight you expose yourself to so, even though you don’t want to, getting out is key to counteracting your symptoms. If you don’t like any of the shops nearby then great! Plan an even bigger adventure. See what else you can do with the day to make it a truly self-loving experience. Make yourself the priority.

You deserve to feel good about yourself, and to treat yourself from time-to-time. This is fundamentally true but it’s also doubly true when you’ve managed to muster the energy to counter your SAD and really tend to yourself.

So, get that warming dildo, and then, when you come home, find out just how much it can do to beat those low moods.


The Takeaway

Though we’d never recommend complimentary self-care techniques such as these instead of full medical treatment, we do believe that when we feel good about ourselves sexually it impacts every aspect of our lives.

SAD truly is a sad state of affairs, but you can prepare for it and you can counteract it. Love yourself, through the above techniques and you might just find that countering other aspects of the condition seems a lot more manageable too.



Emmeline Peaches 

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