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How to throw a sexy-themed party!

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How to throw a sexy-themed party!

It is all about how to make a party a little bit sexy.

By Rebecca Dane

While these suggestions are geared towards bachelorette or hen do parties, you don’t necessarily need to have an excuse to host a fun night. Just make sure your guest list reflect the activities – you don’t want to invite your sister-in-law to some of the events below.

If you are hosting a sexy party, always inform your guests ahead of time so there are no surprises. It will help everyone feel more comfortable if it’s a bit out of their comfort zone.


1. Sex Toy Party

Start the night off with an informative session about sex toys… with the option to purchase. It might be a stereotypical night but it can actually be a fun bonding experience – you might be surprised with what people say and what people buy! Friends often don’t talk about sex toys enough, so this is a great way to break the ice. Just make sure you hire a reputable representative who knows which toy materials are safe.


2. Lingerie Party

Did you know that this exists? Instead of a representative bringing over sex toys, they can bring over a variety of lingerie! It’s a little less personal than sex toys, but still a fun way to bond over something sexy!


3. Pole Dancing Classes

Pole dancing is a seriously intense workout. You’ll use muscles you probably didn’t even know existed – but it is a lot of fun. Most pole dancing studios have the option to hire an instructor for a private lesson. You’ll get a workout and a unique experience! You never know, you might end up loving it and signing up for a membership.


4. Burlesque Classes

Similarly, many burlesque theatres host private dance lessons as well. While it might not be as athletically challenging as the pole workout, it’s a physical activity that can leave you giggling and dancing for an hour or two. To top off the activity, you can head back later in the evening for their actual show, which are always loud, rowdy, and super sultry!


5. Male Strip Club

Your city might not have one, but if they do, it can be a very interesting experience. While the strippers are often wonderful to look at, the crowd might not fit everyone’s idea of a great time. Expect lots of stagette parties, a few regulars, and some very, very enthusiastic participants. Yes, audience members can get up on stage.


6. Female Strip Club

Alternatively, you can head over to a female strip club (just make sure it is one that isn’t exclusive for men). Typically, the environment is more low-key than the male strip clubs. The entertainment is great, and the trip to the venue can appease a few people’s curiosities.


7. Watch a Hot Movie

If none of these sounds ideal for you, then why not just turn on a sexy movie for your friends to all giggle and cheer at. Buy some of your favourite snacks, get into your pajamas and have fun laughing at the cheesy moments and discussing the hot scenes. Need suggestions? Head over to our list of 10 best sex scenes in popular movies.


The most important part of throwing a sexy party? Have a good time, of course! And make sure your guests are too! 


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