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How to take care of your vagina

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How to take care of your vagina

Treat her like you treat your lover. Or even better.

By Rebecca Dane

There is quite a bit of misinformation about vulvas and vaginas that find its way onto the internet.

For clarity: the vulva is the external part of genitalia that you can see. The vagina is on the inside where what you can’t see.

The good news? You don’t actually need to steam clean anything, and you don’t need to wash anything out with a spray.

This is what you should actually be doing:


1. Go Commando or Go Cotton

If you’re hanging out at home, you can give your body parts a break from wearing underwear and hang out without wearing any. Doing this at night is a great way to incorporate some commando time into your life. Just don’t go commando at the gym, because you want an extra layer between your vulva and the disgusting gym equipment.

Cotton is the best choice for your undies because the material is “breathable” and can also absorb moisture. Get rid of any of your super tight, non-breathable underwear. Let your body breathe!


2. Choice of Sex Toys

Not all sex toys are created equally. Some are made of cheap, porous materials that can harbour bacteria. Some are made with chemicals that can give you an infection or even a burn. Stick to materials that are chemical-free and non-porous. Think: silicone, ABS plastic, glass, stainless steel. If you’re not sure, you should check out sex toy bloggers who have tons of content about safe materials. 


3. Safe Sex

Protect yourself from STIs by using the proper protection. This is essential for your health and your vagina’s health. It’s never worth the risk to go barrier-free. Use protection and get tested regularly. Also make sure that your barrier is the right choice for you. Sometimes certain brands affect people differently due to different materials and lubricant ingredients used. If it doesn’t feel right, then it’s probably not the best for you. Finding the right barrier is life changing.


4. Use Lubricant

Vaginal dryness can happen for a multitude of reasons including certain medications, after pregnancy, before menopause, etc. It can even just randomly happen – sometimes your vagina is just dry and that’s okay. Make sure to use lubricant to make sure there isn’t awful friction that can be painful and cause abrasions. Even if you don’t have vaginal dryness, lubricant can be a super fun addition. It is SUPER important for you to research which lubricants are safe for your body because there are surprisingly a lot that are not. Check out the top sex toy bloggers for recommended brands.


5. Kegel Exercises

Study up on how to properly do kegel exercises, and then do them! The exercises help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and can help you achieve fun things like more powerful orgasms – and desirable things like better bladder control.


6. Annual Exam

Medical exams are part of keeping your body healthy, so make sure to include your vagina in that too. Talk to your doctor about how frequently you should be getting your vaginal medically examined. It changes with each person, and the new guidelines are less intense so it will depend on your doctor too. If you notice a change in your discharge, you should book an appointment too.


7. No Douching

You don’t actually need to clean out your vagina at any point because the vagina is self-cleaning! It knows what it needs to do and then it gets the job done on its own. Introducing other products like a vaginal douche can actually have negative consequences (increased risk of infections, etc).


8. Soap Ingredients

There are some soaps that can be really rough on the vulva, especially soaps that are scented. Technically, you only need to rings with warm water to keep your vulva clean but if you do choose to use soap then pick an unscented, gentle soap. You also should not use soap on your vulva more than once a day. Then gently pat your vulva dry – don’t rub it roughly with a towel.


9. Don’t Go Anal to Vaginal

You should never play with anyone’s butt before playing with a vulva or vagina. There are bacteria in your butt that should only ever stay in your butt. If you’re using a toy/hand/penis in a butt, the bacteria then transfers to whatever you do next. So do not put something in your vagina (or on your vulva) that has been inside a butt.


10. No Foods

As much as you might want to cover yourself in whipped cream… don’t! Sugar is actually really terrible for your vulva and can lead to an infection. This includes the sugar in fruit, the sugar in syrups, etc. Basically, just don’t put food on your vulva. This also translates to being cautious with oral sex. If your partner had a mouthful on whipped cream, they shouldn’t go down on your right after. The sugar in their mouth can easily be transferred to your vulva. Make sure there is a good mouth rinse before you transition from food to oral sex.


The takeaway message? For a healthy vulva and vagina – less is more.

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