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How to support your favourite performer

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How to support your favourite performer

The best ways to responsibly support your favourite sex worker.

By Emmeline Peaches

If you’re like us then you adore well-made pornography and, like us, you probably also have some performers that you love, admire, and look for time and time again.

The people who decide to work in front of the camera are, after all, amazing and inspirational people – presenting aspects of themselves for all to see, while also giving a sense of dignity and respect to the scene that they have consented to participate in.

Such shining stars may be so admirable to you that you wish, in some way, to show them your love and support of their performances and skill, but is this even appropriate? And, if so, what’s the best way to do it?

If you’ve ever wondered these things then you are in the right place. Today we’re going to address the best ways to responsibly support your favourite sex worker.

Since we’re in the porn industry, we’ve chosen to make this porn-specific but trust us when we say that the advice here is interchangeable too, so take what you wish from it and see where it applies to other sex workers.

Initial Apprehensions

We understand that, at first, it might seem nerve-wracking to even think about reaching out to your favourite performer. Heck, interaction with anyone that you see as a celebrity, icon, or idol is incredibly daunting. Add to that the sexual attraction element that comes with admiration through an adult medium and things start to seem a bit…inappropriate.

But, don’t worry – reaching out to sex workers, although it does have some obvious boundaries, is not an impossible or inherently inappropriate notion.

After all, adult performers are like any other content creator or participant: Sometimes they like to know that their work has an impact and that people like what they’re doing. In fact, many adult performers now have social media pages specifically so that they can reach out to and interact with their fans. So trust us when we say that your feedback and support will most likely be welcomed, as long as it’s done in a respectful way.

Speaking of which, here’s our first tip…


Use the Correct Channel of Communication

If your favourite performer has set up social media pages or provided an email address then chances are that’s their preferred method of interaction with their viewers. Show respectful support by using these channels of communication to praise them rather than trying to seek or pursue and alternative method.

Your favourite performer will likely respond positively or feel good if you use these methods to send them an encouraging message.

If you choose to do so by finding out their address and/or number and sending it that way? Not so much.

This is the fundamentals of respectful support because it shows that you value the boundaries that they have put in place and requested people adhere to, so know that voicing your support in this way will always be appreciated.

However, there may also be other ways such as…


Supporting Them Through Pateron (Or Similar)

In addition to their work some performers also have a Patreon, do cam performances, or have an Amazon wishlist where you can buy them things.

Again, this is a system of support that they have set up so A) You know that you’ll be respecting their boundaries by using it and B) You know that you’ll be providing the support that they need rather than the support that you want to give to them.

Sometimes what a performer sees as support and what we as fans do are not synonymous, so it’s always good to see if they do have something like this in place and then to favour that over any bespoke notion of support we might have in our minds.

Following on from this you may sometimes have a chance to…


Support Their Personal Endeavours (If The Options Exists)

Sometimes adult workers have blogs, writing projects, YouTube channels, or other creative outlets of their own. While we’ve no doubt that performers love the work they’re doing on camera, these projects will be reflective of their personal passions and something they have chosen to put out in to the world.

If you want to show your respect for an adult worker then there’s perhaps nothing more significant then showing that you support their passions off-camera as well as on camera.

Follow blog pages, leave likes and comments, buy performer’s books (or anthologies that they’re in), rate and review anything that requires it, and listen to the podcasts that they choose to be in.

If you truly admire and support someone then show them that your support extends to their work both on camera and off and you’ll be showing true respect.

And, perhaps most importantly…


Buy Your Content

Everyone in the world of pornography works hard to provide the content that people consume, but if we don’t get paid for it then not only can we not continue to keep up production but we’re also being told that our work is fundamentally worthless in your eyes.

If you’re a consumer and have a favourite performer then chances are you certainly believe that they have inherent worth and should be paid for the work that they do, so please make sure your purchases are in line with your beliefs.

Wherever possible, opt for paid content that includes your favourite performer. Avoid free sites and be proactive with your investments.

It may seem like a bit of a drag, given how easy it is to find free pornography nowadays, but quality is worth investing in, as is the financial wellbeing and respect of your favourite performer. At least, that’s our belief.


The Takeaway

Supporting your favourite performer may seem like a far flung notion at first but we hope you now see that doing so isn’t just possible but actually encouraged.

Just make sure that you follow general etiquette when it comes to idol/fan interactions and use the proper channels and methods for communication and support.

Do this and we feel confident that your porn star of choice will feel overjoyed with your support.


Emmeline Peaches 

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