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How to perfect the French kiss

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How to perfect the French kiss

6 tips to enjoy the open-mouth kiss to the fullest!

By Rebecca Dane

French kissing is an underrated skill. Actors make it look so easy during movies, but the reality behind the open-mouth kiss is sometimes less-than-ideal. Kissing is so intimate – and if done just right, it can really get the rest of your body in the mood for some southern mouth exploration.

If you’re not quite sure how to perfect the famous French kiss - don’t worry! We have some tips to help lead the way.


1. What’s On Your Lips

First, lets start off with the absolutely essential. You need to have soft, subtle lips that are well hydrated but that aren’t covered in creamy lip-gloss or smearable lipstick. You want your lips to be smooth, but not overwhelming with scents or stickiness or colours.

To get yourself the ideal lips for smooching, make sure to stay hydrated and use a neutral chap-stick throughout the day. Don’t try to correct dry lips the moment before the kiss – you want to put on the chap-stick at least an hour before kissing so that your partner doesn’t get a mouthful of gloss. 

As much as you might be tempted to lick your lips, we advise against it. Licking your lips can actually dry out the skin on your lips and create a weird wetness for your partner to kiss.


2. Ensure Good Breath

Make sure to keep on top of your oral hygiene. Yes, listen to your dentist. Brush your teeth properly at least twice a day, and don’t forget to floss. Keeping your mouth clean has so many benefits; including helping keep your breath fresh. Of course, before a make out session you want to pop in a mint or a piece of gum to get rid of any lingering food or drink flavours. Just make sure to spit it out before your tongue gets busy or it will be gross for your partner.

If you’re on a date, always consider what you are ordering. Garlic, onions, and similar items should probably be skipped unless you’re both eating a ton of those flavours.


3. Before the Kiss

Obviously, make sure the person you are with is comfortable being with you. Make eye contact, smile, and make sure the person if comfortable with you touching their arm or their back. If they are, then move in closer for the kiss. Make sure to ready any and all non-verbal cues. If you want to make it really hot (and really consensual) then ask them if you can kiss them. This can be a super sexy thing to say – it lets the person know their comfort comes before your desires, and also gets them excited to kiss you (if that’s what they want).

Before sticking your tongue in their mouth, some closed-lip kisses can help set the mood and confirm the comfort in this situation. 

Lean forward, tilt your head to the side, close your eyes and put your lips in a slightly puckered position. Make sure to close your eyes – it is way too close to stare at each other.


4.  The French Part

After the first few soft kisses on the lips, you can start minimal exploration with your tongue. Don’t go all-out right at the beginning. Instead, open your mouth slightly, lock lips with your partner and then very gently use your tongue to brush over their bottom lip. This way, you aren’t sticking your whole tongue in their mouth – you’re letting them have a chance to process what you want to have happen and then you are giving them a chance to reciprocate.

If your partner reciprocates with some tongue action, then you have your “go ahead” to get into the hot and heavy part of your make out session. Slowly slide your tongue into your partner’s mouth and move it around at a medium pace. You don’t want to go too fast and you don’t want to feel like a slug in their mouth. Move your tongue around in a playful way – if you touch their tongue, your next move should be to pull back your tongue a bit so that they can reach out with their tongue and play with yours. French kissing is hugely reciprocal – your tongues are working together to make it sensual. Don’t keep your tongue too rigid or too relaxed. If your partner is being rigid or floppy, then take a step back and ask them if they’re okay continuing. They might just be a bad kisser, or they might not want to be French kissing – if it seems uncomfortable, you should check.

If your partner is playing back with you, try not to go too deep right away. Stay shallow and playful at first. If you both get carried away, make sure your tongues stay in each other’s mouth instead of all over your lips and face (sloppy kisses). You can take a breather and kiss each other’s faces, but don’t have your French kissing leak out onto the face.


5. Continuing the Fun

Make sure to mix up what you’re doing – so alternate between making out with tongues and giving passionate closed-mouth kisses. You can change the directions your faces are tilted if that’s comfortable too. Kissing necks and ears can also be added into the mix. Using your hands to hold the back of their head, run your hands through their hair or caress their butt is a fun addition too.

Don’t forget to breathe either – you don’t want to run out of breath! You can breathe out of your nose but if it is hot, heavy, air then it is best to pull your faces apart for a bit and take some real breaths.

Using teeth is a very personal preferences. Obviously try not to bash your teeth together – but biting each other’s tongues or lips in a playful manner can be a fun addition if the other person is into it too.


6. The Follow Up

When you’re done, exit the kiss slowly and sensually. It will help keep the fantasy of making out alive well after you’re done kissing.

Practice is not the only thing that makes French kissing perfect – make sure to communicate with each other too. If there was something you loved, you should tell your partner. If there was something you hated, then you should kindly tell your partner at a separate opportunity about how they could make it more pleasant for you. Always frame it in a positive way like “I really loved when you did this certain thing. This other thing was okay but I much rather that one fantastic thing” rather than frame it in a negative way.

Compliments go a very, very long way.


Just remember that everyone kisses differently and has different preferences, so treat each new partner as a person with different preferences that you need to explore. Prepare ahead of time, proceed cautiously, and then get hot and heavy.






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