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How to have great sex in a car

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How to have great sex in a car

This is how you will have the ride of your life!

By Emmeline Peaches

In a study conducted by the University of South Dakota and published in The Journal of Sex Research 60% of participants said they had tried sex in a car. What’s more, of that 60% 14% of them had their very first sexual experience in a car. Talk about an automOhbile appreciation!

And who can blame them? After all, sex in a car is pretty damned sexy…in theory at least.

In practice the whole affair can become a tad more cumbersome, clunky, and crampy if not handled correctly – and none of those are the magic C that you’re hoping to achieve through sex.

The solution? Proper planning!

Follow these simple steps and you’ll turn those cramps into a climax in to time.


Consider Your Car

The viability of sex in a car really does depend on the car itself and the options it gives.

If you’re planning on sex in your own car then get inside it and contemplate the logistics for a while. Sure, you’ve been in your card hundreds, if not thousands of times but you’ve never had the intention of fucking in it before, so you’ll need to examine it in a new light. If it’s a rental this step is a must.

Get in the car and ask yourself the essential questions: What are the seat adjustments like? How high is the roof? What’s the material like? Grippy? Fuzzy? Will you need to put some sheets down to avoid making (or getting) any awkward marks? Where do you get the most space for shifting about?

Then, of course, there’s the boot too. How high does it open up? Does the door stay in place once propped open? Fucking in (or on) the boot is a very viable option but only if you go into the situation having considered that.

You may look a bit odd to anyone passing by but take the time to shuffle around in your car too and physically see what moving, thrusting, and generally getting in to sex positions in it might feel like. This will avoid any awkward injuries or frustrating Tetris-like motions when you really get down to action.


Practice Before You Venture Off

Similarly, it helps if you’re both familiar with the space that you’ll be working with and have done a few ‘test runs’ of the motions at hand.

Just for a bit of fun, both find somewhere secluded to park up and just start playing around with different ways of shifting and moving about the car. Approach the activity with a sense of fun and good humour – this is a time when you most likely will encounter some awkward and frustrating moments, will bump your head at least once, and may find that you get muscles spasms where you didn’t even know muscles existed. But you’re not mid-horny lust and wanting to seamlessly fuck so, having planned ahead, the activity can be a bit of a laugh rather than a total sex-stopper.

Once you’ve done this a few times together and feel comfortable in the space you can figure out what position feels the most comfortable for both of you and what will be easy to maintain for long-term make-out and motion sessions.

Who knows, one of these trial runs may even turn in to a main event, planning permitting.


Know The Roads (And The Law)

In certain countries sex in a car is illegal. In others it’s technically legal unless someone takes offense, and in others it’s a recreational activity. Know your national laws when it comes to sex and keep them close to hand. Protecting yourself from legal ramifications is very important.

Either way, you’ll probably also want to know of at least a few secluded, well-concealed places where you can park up and have a good time.

These places will need to be out of sight, not have a regularly patrolling security guard, and preferably allow long-duration park-ups, so that you don’t get interrupted on a technicality. If you don’t know of any good areas then it’s time to get driving. Scope out potential places in advance like you’re on a mission (because, technically, you are).

For added fun why not message your partner with updates and photos of the areas too, making it a joint activity. Once you’re parked up, that is. No texting and driving please.


Bring Comfortable Equipment

Having become well-and-truly fuck-friendly with your car, chances are you’ll have a rough idea of any modifications you’ll need to make and the equipment you’ll need because, let’s face it, most cars weren’t made for sex.

Blankets and pillows will serve you well, as will the standard sex items such as lubricant, safer sex products like condoms, and any adult pleasure products you like to add in the mix. If you’re bringing a USB rechargeable toy also consider bringing a charge adaptor that’s compatible with your car too for prolonged fun.

Consider bringing some window blinds too to make sure that your fun is as clandestine as you can possibly make it. This will minimize your risk of getting caught while also making a nice little space inside the car just for you: Your own little world of adventurous new sensations.

Aaaand, finally…


Dress To Undress

You are not going to be able to have a seamless and alluring transition to sex if you’re wearing a one-piece outfit, nor full heavy jeans, or anything similarly heavy, restricting, or poorly designed for quick removal.

When you’re considering what to wear for a car sex session think slim, short, and quick remove items. Things that unzip to remove them are great, rather than overhead clothes, short shorts give the option of sliding them to one side even if you don’t want to quickly slide them off, skirts are even better in this regard.

Whatever you pick make sure that you’re familiar with putting it on, taking it off, and how easy the process is. We can think of a few items in our wardrobes that would be logistical nightmares when it comes to car sex.


The Takeaway

As with any truly great sex act, the more research, practice, and consideration you give the activity, the better the end result will be. So make sure to keep these tips in mind and give them the once-over before getting too gung-ho with your vehicle fantasies. We promise that it will pay off in the long run.


Do you prefer to watch and learn? Enjoy our Car Sex video here!



Emmeline Peaches 

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