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Hot guys on Instagram

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Hot guys on Instagram

You have to check out these cute Instagram dudes!

Last Friday we were searching for pics to go with this article about men and their dog. We got the surprise of our lives, well, we were just really happy that we found it, but you know, we found some incredible sexy pics on this Instagram page: Hot dudes with Dogs.

The pics are really mouthwatering, even if you don’t like dogs, believe us!

What is your favorite hot dude?


This is our top 10: Enjoy!


Well hello! That is my favorite…erm dog!


Who has the best eyes?


We will go on a trip with him anyday!


It’s a threesome!..i mean…it’s twins!


This is just ridiculously cute.


A real fit guy!


…even with the poodle..


A striking resemblance.


Our favorite pose




Source: Instagram

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