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Having sex with ghosts

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Having sex with ghosts

This woman is taking ‘ghosting’ to a whole new level.

The British 27 year old Amethyst Realm, a ‘spiritual guidance counselor’, has banned all the men out of her life. She says she has better sex with ghosts. She talked about this unique lifestyle on a British breakfast tvshow called ‘This Morning’.

It all started when her husband caught her in the act after a business trip.  The husband thought he caught her with a man, but when he took a closer look he found nobody. But he was sure something was up and he ended the relationship. From this point on Amethyst decided only to have sex with ghosts.

Most people would freak out thinking about ‘something’ roaming in their house, but not Realm. “It doesn’t feel scary at all, it feels very comfortable”, explains the young woman.

So how does one have sex with ghosts?

“It’s hard to explain, but it feels like there is something on top of you, you even feel the breathing and the energy”, Realm explains. And yes, she climaxes. Since her new love interests she has slept with more than 15 ghosts. “They all feel different, just like people feel different” she says.

Well, we kinda prefer people. And we are not entirely sure if this woman is awake when it happens. But hey, to each his own.

Would you like to see the interview? Check out the video below.


Source: FunX
Image: Ghost

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