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Google knows all your secrets

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Google knows all your secrets

There will always be hidden sexual preferences.

Author and scientist Seth Stephen-Davidowitz did research for his book “Everybody Lies” and discovered that there will always be hidden sexual preferences. With a huge data research in one of the biggest porn sites in the world he researched what the most searched topics of users were. We give you a couple of striking results.


Gay sex

It appears that there are many more men in the US with gay fantasies than you would think. Gay porn is a much sought category in this huge country, how conservative some parts are.


Fat ladies

Also porn with fat women is high on the list of most searched categories. Bigger sized women are apparently more attractive than the thinner versions.


What do women watch?

Lesbian porno is one of the favorites from all women, all over the world.


Special fantasies

In India people love breastfeeding porn (women give the breast to men) and in Japan they love tickle porn, at least 10% of young Japanese search for this on Pornhub.


The fact that there’s some truth

Regardless the fact people have a certain reason to watch porn, the author thinks that there’s some truth in it. Maybe it’s something which they won’t do in real life but online they can fantasize all they want.

Everybody has their own specific preference.


Source: Eva Jinek

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