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Five fetishes to put on your bucket list

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Five fetishes to put on your bucket list

Let’s be clear about this—fetishes aren’t something you can force. They’re strong, innate desires which are often inexplicable and can be very pleasurable if embraced and practiced in the right way.

By Emmeline Peaches

That being said there’s always a chance that you have a fetish and that you just haven’t discovered it yet. Or perhaps a fetish has an appeal to you regardless of whether you’re a full blown kinkster.

The bottom line is you may never know until you try.

With that in mind, we at Dusk would like to broaden your horizons by presenting you with five different fetishes that we feel you should put on your bucket list. Some may seem tame, others waaay too radical, but all of them have this amazing sense of intimacy and trust which shouldn’t be underestimated.

#1 A Foot Fetish

Known officially as podophilia, a foot fetish is the worship of feet in various different ways. It’s often grouped with a fetish for heels, toe rings, or other foot jewellery which essentially becomes lingerie for the feet—the tempting element just waiting to be explored and unwrapped.

A foot fetish is considered to be the most common fetish out there, so let’s just say that we’re easing in to this list gently at first.

Keeping with that theme we suggest that you don’t go full spiked-heels with your first foot fetish session. Start with an intimate foot massage, maybe with flavoured oils which can then be licked and sucked off to the base of the foot and the toes.

Learn how to give pedicures and offer one to your partner by candlelight. Or perhaps purchase some foot jewellery and begin decorating your partner’s feet and making them keep the jewellery on while you have sex. Allow them you monopolize on the situation by rubbing their adorned feet up against you.

We often put a lot of attention on our hands but start considering the feet and you soon find many opportunities available to you. This also brings us neatly on to our next fetish…

#2 A Tickling Fetish

Imagine this—you’re bound and gagged against your will. Perhaps on the bed, perhaps on a piece of professionally designed kit. It’s irrelevant. What matter is what comes next.

You’re at your partner’s mercy. They looked at you lustfully—like a special treat all wrapped up just for them. What will they use on you today? A pinwheel? A paddle? Perhaps even some electricity…you shudder eagerly at the thought.

But then, with sadistic intent, reveal to you a single black feather and you swallow down a gulp of dread. You know what’s coming, and you’ve never been more terrified and turned on in your life.

Tickling is something almost all of us have had forced experiences with, and the resulting spasm of the entire body, loss of the breath, and uncontrolled laughter can be as traumatising as it is gleeful.

As with many fetishes, context matters, and the moment you willingly surrender to a tickle fetish is the moment in which you take back power while still remaining powerless.

It’s a dynamic very similar to masochism (and can even cause pain) in which consent really is the deciding factor of enjoyment.

Tickling the feet is a good starting point but don’t be afraid to explore other areas too. Get to know each other’s bodies and limits through one of the most primal and reflexive actions that our bodies can provide.

#3 Fetish Wear

Latex, Leather, PVC. There are loads of different materials which have found their aesthetic and uses in the world of BDSM and fetishism.

The purpose of these fabrics can vary wildly. One might use a leather corset to restrict movement, shape the waist, and create a deprivation of the breath. Latex might be selected for its dramatic flair and skin-tight temptation. Meanwhile PVC clothing offers an alternative to shiny leather while still keeping a similar appeal.

All of these materials also share running themes of restriction, seduction, and submission which is well worth exploration.

A word to the eager—each of these materials also require a certain amount of maintenance and will need to be put on and cleaned in particular ways. Because of this it might be worth starting with something simple like gloves or a collar or corset first and seeing if you like it. If you do then you’ve got a whole lot of research to do but, hey, at least it’s the fun kind.

#4 Puppy Play

This one might be a bit self-motivated in terms of author preference but put a paws on any pre-conceived notions you may have and throw us a bone here.

When people think ‘puppy play’ their minds may go to ‘beastiality’ but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like someone with a schoolgirl or pizzaboy fetish doesn’t necessarily want to jump the nearest teen or deliverer of all things cheesy and gooey, neither do those in puppy play circles have any interest in animals.

Instead what puppy play offers is a much more playful and mischievous dom/sub relationship in which the pup doesn’t want to please their master for fear of pain or punishment in every case but rather out of sincere affection, a free-spirited desire to be loved, and to share that love and carefree attitude with their owner.

This, of course, varies from person to person but a pup is not typically a slave. They’re an independent but willingly submissive element in the home which won’t always follow commands but will always endear themselves with a playful tilt of the head and a little pining sound.

The relationship you forge as pup and handler will be very different from person to person but it’s worth playing around with and seeing where it takes you. Then when someone asks if you’re an animal in bed then you can just give a knowing grin and leave it at that.

#5 Water Sports

Don’t let a certain 45th individual mar your perspective on Urolagnia. A fetish for urine is rather common and can also be very satisfying if practiced in a safe, sane, and consensual manner.

Despite this many people still see piss play as a deep dark taboo, and that might just be where some of the fun comes from.

Those who engage in water sports have actively chosen to define conventions, take something that other condemn and fully (and joyfully) embrace it. Not to mention the sensations it can provide. Warm and trickling or gushing in a liberating flow, urine is almost completely sterile when leaving the body, so its association with being dirty is mainly in the mind (and can be used to your benefit if you so choose).

There’s an option to make water sports an act of humiliation but also an act of vulnerability or intimacy (and perhaps all three). Going to the toilet is usually such a private affair, the content of the body so readily disposed of, that we rarely allow ourselves to share this daily function with those around us, even those we are closest too.

Water sports change this and offer a new way to open up and experience a release together, quite literally. When fully considered it’s rather romantic, and boo to anyone who might try and present the act as somehow vulgar.

Don’t yuck people’s yums. Especially when you’ve never entertained experiencing them yourself.

And That’s All Folks!

Of course there are many other amazing fetishes out there to explore but we hope these five have sparked you interest in finding and trying a fetish that may just work for you.

If any of the fetishes presented have left a craving in your mind then why not start by watching some relevant porn and then seeing where the journey takes you from there? You’re the one in the driver seat here and as long as you and you’re partner are willing then you may have one heck of a wild ride ahead of you.


By Emmeline Peaches

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Photo: LustFilms

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