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Eye-to-Eye: Sex and Glasses

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Eye-to-Eye: Sex and Glasses

Welcome to the wonderful world of glasses fetishism.

By Emmeline Peaches


Sat on the sofa, you catch your partner out of the corner of your eye. They slide seductively in to the room, a grin on their face.

Are they?


You wait for their next move, as they saunter over to you. Gently running a finger across the side of their glasses, they remove their spectacles and place them aside.

Oh yes: It’s on.


Spectacles may not initially scream sexual allure, but why not?

Who, when thinking of the secretary or teacher fantasy, doesn’t imagine the moment of seduction where the object of one’s affections adjusts their glasses for dramatic and commanding effect?

Those who have bespectacled lovers may also be well-acquainted with those times where they go for a change of frame and, suddenly, all the features of their face come in to full focus once more, rekindling an interest in their natural beauty or charm.

Welcome to the wonderful world of glasses fetishism.


Glasses Fetishism

Glasses fetishism may sound strange at first, but, as we’ve already established, glasses play quite an iconic role in many other, more common fetishes, including school fantasies, business fetishism, and an attraction to academics or ‘nerdy’ individuals.

Most glasses fetishism is innocuous and can perhaps even go unnoticed, but sometimes there are some quirky occurrences when it comes to sex, and glasses are not immune to this effect. In fact, in 2009 an individual called Jerrey Lowery stole $45,000 worth of glasses (500 glasses in total) because he liked to be around them and adored putting them on in front of the mirror and seeing how they changed his face.

While we don’t encourage you to go Grand Theft Auto for a pair of specs, there’s no denying that glasses really can transform how you look and feel. If Superman can pull off looking like Clark Kent through nothing but the power of a pair of glasses and a suit then so can you.

Finding a pair of glasses that you like and incorporating them in to your sexual roleplay may help you take on a different persona and see yourself in a new light.

If you’re not a prescription user then it may be worth getting a pair without lenses, or trying to find lenses that are essentially made for prop purposes. Fancy dress and fashion stores will often be your friend in such endeavours, as you discover a new sexual persona.


Glasses and Identity

And, speaking of comic book characters, glasses can be used to completely shift your personality, or how you’re seen by others.

Various studies have shown that people with glasses are perceived as more trustworthy, more intelligent, and of a higher social class. In short, no matter how fair (or problematic) it may be, glasses provide a sense of sophistication, which can then translate to attraction.

Some surveys have even found that 87% of the UK population think that glasses can be sexy. That’s a whole lot of people who are inclined to appreciate whatever sexual persona you bring to the field when you put on a pair of glasses.

The design on the rim can also alter things incredibly, so do make sure you find the right fit for your face and perhaps even the perceived attitude that you’re hoping to convey.

Chances are if you associate a certain type of glasses with a certain personality type then so do others too.


Bringing Some Shade

And it’s not just clear glasses that hold an appeal. Sun glasses can also add to sexual attraction, especially when used as a flirtation tool.

A classic example? Audrey Hepburn—a fantastic actress and the ruler of the seductive sunglasses move.

Where sunglasses differ from normal glasses is through adding an air of mystery, and this becomes very apparent in Hepburn’s case. Glancing over obscured shades, Hepburn chooses when to allow the viewer to meet her gaze and then to deprive them of her direct interest.

We highly recommend employing a similar tactic in your own flirtations, especially on a sunny day. Showing your partner just how attractive you find them with an obvious (but respectful) tilt down of your sunglasses can feel like an irresistible display of desire…at least in our experience.


Playing Timid

And, of course, glasses don’t always have to dictate an authority figure. Sometimes glasses can be seen to denote a reserved, shy, or perhaps even timid individual. This is especially persuasive in Japanese culture—where glasses are associated with passivity when paired with certain feminine personas.

An additional element of this fantasy is the reveal of just how sexy you can be once the glasses are removed. Take it as a moment of liberation, as you strip away whatever persona you chose to adopt and fully embrace your lust.

And, when you think about it, this really makes sense.

Most people who wear glasses will remove them for sex—it’s a matter of practicality—meaning that the removal of glasses can be seen as a sexual proposition in its own right. Naturally, this is either followed with dominance or an invitation to be dominated.


Spec-ial Treatment

Whatever dynamic you pick, remember that glasses are a powerful ally in how you hold yourself, how you’re perceived, and the sexual signals that you can convey. Select your spectacles wisely and you may just find that you have a whole new prop to help achieve sexual satisfaction.


Emmeline Peaches 

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